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You can use higher shutter speeds than your sync speed, but it is not "true" HSS. PocketWizard calls this feature "Hypersync." In "true" HSS, with hotshoe flashes, the flash sets out a serious of pulses timed to go with the travel of the curtain slit across the sensor so the whole sensor is evenly illuminated by the flash. This is not what Hypersync ...


The PocketWizard units the guy in the video uses are manual-only triggers, and hooking them up from the PC sync port of the camera means that it's a manual-only connection (the PC connector only has two connections: sync (inner post) and ground (outer ring)). This means that particular triggering cannot communicate TTL or HSS. So, you have to have a ...


Make sure your shutter speed is not more than sync speed, specially for your pocket wizards.

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