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Plugins are retained when you upgrade. However, there is no guarantee that they will work properly with the new version of Lightroom. If the plugin is still maintained, there will probably be an update if this is necessary.


Lr and the Friedl Picasa plugin can do all that, sort of. Lr and the plugin do not, of course, know about the photos you have already uploaded to Picasa by other means. How could they? But going forward you import into Lr. Edit. Put into a new album created in the Picasa publish service. Publish. Later, if you change certain parameters (and there is a list ...


my suggestion would be to learn how to use Lightroom in it full capabilities as Lightroom manages a catalog database for images and another database for edits where as Picasa uses another method of tracking images and saves edits directly to the same file or another file if you are dealing with raw images. Lightroom does allow for a way to leave tags and ...

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