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In practice, it isn't really possible to use Picassa's "Export to Folder" losslessly. This is because in fact the file isn't copied/moved but loaded and re-encoded with God-knows-what settings, besides of that 'Automatic - preserves original image quality'. JPEG writing engine has much more settings than 'Quality': DCT method, Subsampling, Smoothing etc. ...


You can use IrfanView (freeware) for batch cropping. First, get the position and dimensions for the part you want cropped. The easiest way to do this is just open the photo in IrfanView, and drag with the mouse to draw a box on your photo. The title bar will display the size and position of the selected area. Then go to file menu, and "Batch ...


Yes, Lightroom has a batch crop. You first of all apply a crop to the first image. Then in the library grid view, you right-click on the first image, and under the header "Develop Settings" you chose "copy settings". You then select the option "Crop" and deselect all the other options (unless you also want to copy those to the batch). You then click on ...


If all your images are of the same size and you want to crop it to the same dimensions, you can use ImageMagick to get the job done. Take a look at the Crop details so as not be surprised by its behaviour :-)

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