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HUE relates to the colour at the edge of the Colour Wheel - there are no limit/s - imagine an ant walking around the edge of a clock face it will eventually come back to where it started walking SATURATION relates to the percentage of the number of photons of a particular frequency/HUE, or combination of frequencies/hues, in a specific area - the limits ...


According to Adobe's Camera Raw Supported Cameras page, the A58 requires Camera Raw version 7.4 According to their Compatible Adobe applications page, CS5 only supports ACR plugin version 6 (6.0-6.7). Are you using CS6? If so, should be able to update camera raw as high as version 8.71, according to that page.


The “XML Round Trip” method and more... Open the project in MS Project. File, Save As, Save As File. When prompted select to save with “All Enterprise Custom Fields”. In the file dialog select the Save as type: XML Save the file to your local computer. Once saved, close the project (don’t forget to check in!) and reopen the saved XML file, when prompted ...


Your image is 250x350 pixels. The dot-pitch of your monitor (92ppi) is irrelevant. The image will have a resolution in dpi (dpi - dots-per-inch - for printing, ppi - pixels-per-inch - for on-screen display) attached to it, and the 'default' is 72 ppi, but that's just a label (It's 72ppi for historical reasons - the dot-pitch of the early Mac monitors which ...


The value (f/1.6) at the top is the aperture used when the picture was taken. The aperture value under Camera Data (Exif) (f/1.4) is the maximum aperture value to which the lens can be set.


Certifications depend on your level of confidence when approaching clients. I have observed the following when attending first meetings; Clients like to talk about their Company, their vision, their pain-points and what they need from a photographer/Photo Retoucher (some of these points relate to non-business Customers too Once they have provided their ...


As @Lumigraphics said, only your portfolio is important. Though nobody cares about certifications, you should. That is if they are into certifications, it may be a sign of too much bureaucracy.


Who is your target market? You generally only need a portfolio of work that is what your clients are looking for, and a good reputation for turnaround time. Nobody cares about certifications. They care that you can deliver usable edits on time.


I think the metallic looks mainly comes from the dodge and burn technique. This video shows the technique well. How to Dodge & Burn in Photoshop by Elena Jasic. I tried to achieve the similar effects of the first image you provided. The left image is before any edits, and right image is after the edits. I hope this is the effects which you are trying to ...


If you have Photoshop CS6 Extended (or CC) you can do the following: Ideally: (1) Shoot a burst of images of the moving water subject. For example in my first ever try (see below) I shot 15 images at 1/50th and f8 (freehand with a stabilised lens) of a Waterfall. (BTW I actually came here looking for an answer on doing this, but am ending up providing one ...


try selecting your layer then use the short cut command shift A

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