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Using a pirated software is indeed the wrong way (for various reasons) and she should solve this as soon as possible. However if there's a need for a fast solution until she upgrades, she might use e.g. RAW Thereapee (available for Windows, MAC and Linux; Nikon d-180 is supported in current version) to process RAWs into uncompressed/lossless compressed HDR ...


Note that I haven't tested this idea, but I have done similar things in the past (actually in order to remove unwanted parts of an image) What I would do is to increase the contrast of the image as much as possible, then take a good look at the overall histogram. I would expect to see 3 main peaks in the histogram: A huge peak corresponding to the white ...


You can have a 30 day free trial at which point you can purchase a license or discontinue use. That being said, you could also try GIMP as suggested by @Count Ilblis.


If you have both images open in different projects: On the image you want to copy over another, right-click the image layer and choose Duplicate Layer. A dialog will appear where you can select the document where you want to paste the layer. You can try to drag & drop a layer from one project to another, but this doesn't always work. If you want to ...


If you open a file, and save it as a different file type, you have now a second file. The original dng file is still where it was when you opened it, and you can reprocess it as often as you want, just like a negative doesn't self destruct when you make a print from it. The other confusion you seem to have is regarding megapixels and megabyte. The number of ...


First of all, when making a lightprobe, the images need to be taken at 90-degrees from each other, not opposite sides of the sphere. If you take them 180-degrees from each other, the bits you want to replace will exactly overlap each other. Secondly, you need to "unwrap" each image to a flat mapping that's a full 360 panorama--they aren't ...


Perceived handsomeness is tightly tied to proportions, so I doubt you could alter one while keeping the other intact. A simple horizontal flip will probably still keep you too recognizable, and exchanging chin with top of head might distort more than you'd like. Replacing one side of face with flipped version of other side seems to match the criteria. For ...

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