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First of all, when making a lightprobe, the images need to be taken at 90-degrees from each other, not opposite sides of the sphere. If you take them 180-degrees from each other, the bits you want to replace will exactly overlap each other. Secondly, you need to "unwrap" each image to a flat mapping that's a full 360 panorama--they aren't ...


Perceived handsomeness is tightly tied to proportions, so I doubt you could alter one while keeping the other intact. A simple horizontal flip will probably still keep you too recognizable, and exchanging chin with top of head might distort more than you'd like. Replacing one side of face with flipped version of other side seems to match the criteria. For ...


I would have taken many pictures on a tripod, aligned them (e.g. using the align_image_stack program) and then taken the average of the pictures. This can yield better results than using an ND filter as aligning the images will correct for slight movements of the camera orientation, e.g. due to wind.


I recently upgraded to a Canon ip8750 photo printer plus also a new Dell 2713h monitor and encountered the same issue where the prints had a slight magenta tint to them. I also used an HP all in one and although not perfect, the prints were adequate. After lots of trial and error, I used the spyder4 calibrator to recalibrate the monitor to wide gamut. I ...


The setting looks fine, except perhaps turning on the black point compensation, but it probably gets turned on automatically behind the scenes anyways. There are some things that I would try to get to the core of the problem: Print something with printer color management instead of PS color management. Does it come out magenta as well? If yes, the ...


When using the magic wand tool, set the Tolerance to 0, turn off both anti alias and contiguous and then turn sample all layers on. This will select only one colour across the whole image.

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