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This isn't possible, because computers do not work like this. Once someone has the data, they can generally do whatever they want with it. Now, it is certainly the case that big media companies would like to cripple computers so this isn't true, by introducing DRM — "digital rights management", where the "rights" are really "restrictions". This is used for ...


The best way to do this is to take your own pictures or ask a friend for some. Most digital SLR cameras shoot raw pictures. Some P/S cameras do that as well. Any answer to this question is going to be based on a personal opinion.


There is no common file format, that is able to prevent zooming. Your only option is to decrease the resolution so far, that the details you don't want to show get lost.


I've been using a Wacom tablet since 2000, or slightly earlier. Photoshop has settings for what to do with pressure: more opaque, or larger brush. There used to be two checkboxes, now it's more complicated. Set a white background and a red or blue FG color and draw. Use the pen and see how pressure affects the stroke. When editing a mask, such as a mask ...


The single most obvious way to get comfortable is to use it! It's a bit like learning to use chopsticks by picking up shelled peanuts... tricky practice makes perfect. As a point of historical interest, the reason that Microsoft released Solitaire and Minesweeper with Windows was to teach using a mouse. So, you can still find these games, or variants, on ...


It looks like you might have saved the JPEG with an AdobeRGB color profile, and the image viewer on the phone is ignoring this and assuming sRGB. You might want to check that, and save images as sRGB unless you have a good reason not to.


Do you still have the original negatives available? These will have more detail than the scans of prints, and can be rescanned at much higher bitdepth, possibly allowing you to edit them more completely.


There is some haze in the picture. The steps I would follow are these: Photoshop CC 2015 has a dehaze function that could remove it. Then I would correct the color balance and remove some magenta and some Yellow. Increase saturation boost blacks and whites a little bit. you can do all this also using the latest version of Lightroom, (also has the new ...



According to Adobe's Camera Raw Supported Cameras page, the A58 requires Camera Raw version 7.4 According to their Compatible Adobe applications page, CS5 only supports ACR plugin version 6 (6.0-6.7). Are you using CS6? If so, should be able to update camera raw as high as version 8.71, according to that page.

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