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Actually you have showed not brush tool but healing tool which is quite different thing. The healing tool tries to copy a texture from sample area to the target area trying to keep original color at the target area. Let's say you're using a peace of clean fabric as a source and trying to "cure" the same fabric but with a spot on it. Healing tool will take ...


To do this, you'll need each individual to be easily extractable from their background and be able to place them in to another scene. You will want consistent, even and reproducible lighting, so you will need to shoot with only artificial light in a room with no windows (or at night). Any variations in lighting will make it very obvious that the images ...


For Macs, CMD-Opt-Shift-G works. For PC, Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G.


Paintshop Pro is for making pixel edits to individual photos (à la Photoshop). Aftershot Pro is for organising and making non-destructive edits to RAW files (à la Lightroom).


In Lightroom: Adjust one photo the best you can. Play with white balance, tint. If you want, you may perform other adjustments that yo may want to apply to all the photos. I suggest sharpening, noise reduction and lens correction (if all the photos are taken with the same lens and at the same focal length). Contrast and tone curve. Spend enough time with ...

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