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Welcome to the Photoshop tax on new cameras. :) Essentially, RAW is not an acronym or a file format or a standard. It's a raw data dump from the sensor/processor. And it's different for every single camera model. The CR2 files from your 7DMkII are different from the CR2 files of your 7D. And since Adobe has no time travel capability, they can only ...


Even though the files from your new 7DII are in the .cr2 format, the data in a raw file is always sensor specific. That is, each different sensor design must be demosaiced/converted differently to get the same standardized results. Lr 3 is a while back. The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (which is used by Lr to demosaic raw files) that is compatible ...


I'm not familiar with Photoshop Elements, but the "small" and "large" quality options are probably referring to file size, whereas the "can't print at that picture size because your image is too small" message is probably referring to pixel dimensions. To print a large canvas print, you need plenty of pixels, and the JPEG quality setting is not related. In ...


If you're lucky, you won't lose any quality, but you certainly won't gain any. The best thing to do is to re-process the RAW file. Whilst doing so, you can ask your wife if she wants is exactly the same or you could change the framing etc if desired. Bear in mind that canvas wraps can sometimes 'lose' part of the image near the edge, as it is wrapped around ...

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