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I used to run a print shop. The reason a large print is cheaper per square inch is not just a retail thing, its a real cost to the retailer. (depending on the system used of course) Personally I wouldnt care, as one big print as a LOT less work for the printer. The only time I started to charge extra was when people wanted astrophotography prints, which ...


Right, just shop for a different printer. Your 600 inch panoramic will have to be 150,000 pixels to print 250 dpi. And even if it is, their process may print large prints at less then 250 dpi. And even if they did, it will be an ink jet print instead of the regular color photo paper. Plus both your preparation and final cutting would be a ton of work. ...


They're not to know what you plan to use the print for and probably wouldn't care. They're a supplier and if they offer it as a service they're not going to care what you do with the prints they send you. I'd go elsewhere at those prices unless there's a killer feature that your chosen provider offers that you've not mentioned? By way of comparison: ...

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