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Over the past 20 years, I have grown to trust a photo Printing Manufacturer called Noritsu. Their prints have never failed me, with Film and Digital, colour or BW, with perfect results at different sizes. I notice that they have web presence in Slovakia - If there is a photo lab near where you live and they have a Noritsu Photo ...


Without example pictures, it's difficult to tell exactly what the problem (or constellation of problems) is, but what you are describing could easily be the result of extreme underexposure of the film (more than 2 stops) without any compensation in development (that is, the film was developed for the normal time). Colour noise happens in film as well as in ...


I guess you're girlfriend was using 135 film (regular 35 mm frames) and that format is large enough to deliver amazing results. Search for the tag 135 film in flickr, 500px or alike and you will find results that I bet you'll find stunning. They will sport amazing resolution and color rendition that will without doubt beat camera the quality of photos from ...

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