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From my experience (25+ years in the photo industry), Fuji film tends to handle overexposure by one stop without the need to pull-process. However, as Alaska Man stated, if you shot mainly in high-contrast or bright lighting, having the roll pulled a half-stop or full stop should help -- not fix 100%, just help. Overexposing actually decreases contrast, not ...


What are the points here that would help me decide. expired films may have lower than nominal speed, so consider how old the film is. Perhaps you are not overexposing it after all overexposure will increase contrast and color, this may be wanted or unwanted depending on your subject type of light the film was shot with. If it was shot with incandescent ...


I regularly over expose my film by 1/3 to 2/3 or 1 full stop depending on the conditions and the film and with the knowledge of how that film behaves and develops in the developers i use. Generally speaking overexposing film is better (to a point) than underexposing as you can not get details in the shadows in post processing if you did not record those ...

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