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You've got to show them examples of your work that make them want you to produce similar work with them. In other words, you need a portfolio that demonstrates you can make it worth their time and effort. Of course that leads to the question, "How can I build a portfolio if no one will work with me?" You have to start small. Check among your friends or ...


Check your local arts and painting classes to see if they have nude modeling classes; go check them out and ask the models directly. Have a clear notion of what kind of nude photography you want to do (boudoir, nude, sexual or not...). As Michael wrote, have a small portfolio available to show potential models.


How do you feel about photographing yourself in the nude? No, I'm not suggesting the typical selfie (selfy?). I am suggesting that you take the project on with all the deliberation you would photographing a model. Light, accessorize, pose, and compose for your optimal effects for your available "model." I think it will present some significant and relevant ...

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