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... but there is no way to integrate the files ... You've hit on an ugly truth about photo management software. They all want you to stay walled off in their own solution with not much by way of integration other than an upload or download, as you have found out. The closest solution, if you can call that, is to use the basic Mac OS features to ...


In my experience, Lightroom comes closest to this ideal. It is not exactly the use case you mention, as the different services all have different capabilities and different methods. Lightroom allows you to manage your local collection with ease; in fact I would argue that it is among the best tools around for managing your local collection. In its recent ...


Have you tried looking at Linux Equivalents? Depending on your needs, you might find something workable from this constantly updated list. Also online storage services similar to Dropbox, Box, iCloud, etc., offer simple image manipulation as part of their photo sharing features. They are constantly updating editing features of the sharing apps. Although ...


Is there something that Lr's existing web publishing module can't handle? It's kinda basic, and you'd have to work out access control via your chosen web construction software, but it just works. There are also WordPress/LR solutions; see eg. Or perhaps this:

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