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I have tested a couple of gallery solutions last year and there are a few options worth looking at in my opinion. My favourite actually is (used to be) Menalto Gallery. The only reason I stopped using it was the discontinuation of development. "Piwigo", ended up being my solution of choice with "Zenphoto" as a close runner up. For both of these there ...


I believe SmugMug fits all of your requirements. They have a download all option(or individually), search, unlimited uploads and downloads, albums can be password protected, and with a power user account or higher you can completely customize the design to simplify it for the less technically inclined if desired.


Is there something that Lr's existing web publishing module can't handle? It's kinda basic, and you'd have to work out access control via your chosen web construction software, but it just works. There are also WordPress/LR solutions; see eg. Or perhaps this:

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