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Disclaimer: I'm the founder, CEO & Chief Geek at SmugMug, a popular photo sharing site. The good news is that there are lots of great sites out there, and they serve lots of different use cases. The great thing about the Internet is that there's a site for everyone. :) Here are a few of my favorites: Facebook is by far the largest, and certainly ...


Flickr Definitely the most photog-friendly of the "big" sites.


PicasaWeb I've used PicasaWeb in the past and found it to be quite good. It integrates well with Picasa, especially if you have tagged your Google contacts (which are typically your family and friends) in the photos. When you upload a photo set, it can automatically email the people in the photos to let them know that there is a new set for them to view. ...


I've made a comparison table of the popular photo hosting sites, with features which matter for me: In my opinion, 23hq and Flickr are the best for a passionate amateur. Good price to value. Flickr has a more active community, but 23hq allows to download entire album at once with a single click and is available in more languages. So I think 23hq is more ...


DropBox So you're specifically looking to only share with friends and family? Yeah, Flickr is great, but only useful if all of your friends and family have accounts. DropBox is really handy for sharing photos with specific people without requiring any sort of account. The links you'd send out aren't private, but they're not searchable and only those who ...


Well, I would recommend this site first. ;) Discussing the editing and post-processing of photos is one of the primary purposes of this site, and as a strong support here, I can't help but promote it. It may be rather slim right now, but given the overall success of StackExchange sites, I do not doubt that this site can become one of, if not the, top ...


Based on your edit, it seems like SmugMug would be an excellent option. They have easy options for setting up portions for client pricing and can handle alot of the backend stuff (printing, shipping, etc).


Someone asked me the other day why I like SmugMug so much and what I do with it that is making my life easier. So I figured it was worth answering. The main reasons I like it can be summed up in one sentence: “SmugMug lets me easily control, distribute, and manage my images.” That single phrase however overlooks a few of the items that are rolled into that ...


There are many great sites for sharing photos these days. Here are the top few that I use myself: Great, simple site Lets you sell your art at your own prices, and gives an excellent commission Very large, lots of features, good for exposure Extremely high quality Kind of a goal for me...if my work progresses far ...


500PX It's not just for sharing picture, it's more like a social photo network. Maybe you don't know it but IMHO there are stunning photos.


Get involved in things. Comment on photos, add contacts (such as Flickr) you are interested in and get involved in forums. If other people see some interesting and well shot photos of yours lying around the net, they may be interested to see more. As such, if you interact with people about yours and their photography they may be curious about what your stuff ...


Take amazing photos


I think zenfolio is the best photo sharing site out there. Its interface for uploading photos and modifying their information (captions, descriptions, and keywords) is very professional and the support crew is top notch, responding to questions quickly and courteously. You can customize your site to have a very custom look, if you want. There are a variety ...


Send emails to friends and family when you update your gallery. If you sell photos through your gallery, send your customers emails as well. Forum posting is nice, but then you end up with other hobbyists, rather than a good 'target audience'. Find, instead, people who might be interested in the photo and will post to their facebook pages or twitter, and ...


Completely agree with jrista, but assuming you meant "other than this cool place", I like dgrin's "Finishing School" subforum.


Enter contests, even if you don't place, more people are looking at your photos, if you do place, even better.


I use Flickr, but Smugmug it's a lot nicer if you have the money... It's very nice and you can sell your images through their site.


There are a lot. Here are a links to a few pages of interest: The Lightbox Clones Matrix Nivo Slider Galleria GalleryView SmoothGallery 2.0 (E)2 Photo Gallery The Top: 12 Best jQuery Image Galleries 20 Professional jQuery Image Gallery Plugins


I haven't used it before, but I have heard good things about pixelpost: Pixelpost is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible photoblog application for the web. Anyone who has web-space that meets the requirements can download and use Pixelpost for free!


Have a look at FotoMoto as they integrate with a lot software and have an API for custom environments. Not sure on the language front though.


Another option is the open photo project: which is worth a look.


I believe you could use flickr for that. You can set a group there, post those photos in this group - this means they are all reachable from a single place. Although Flickr doesn't support voting on photos directly, in stackexchange style - "upvote"/"downvote" you can post the votes in the comments. Just my $0.02 Edit: I believe it also wouldn't be ...


For starters I would visit: - Adobe Photoshop forum - Gimp forum But, +1 for @jrista's suggestion... this is the spot :)


Flickr & SmugMug are my favorites. I enjoy both for different reasons. Flickr for the social aspect and to keep up with my friends(similar, but better than facebook) and SmugMug for customizability.


I just have a regular Blogger blog. Picasa makes it super-easy if you use that software, and even if you don't, it's not hard. You're limited to 5 photos per post unless you jump through hoops, but that can be a good thing - no one wants to look at the 50 frames you downloaded straight from the camera. :) Share only the best ones. Also, you then get a good ...

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