Fresh Dew on a Rose

by adarsha joisa

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This image may actually feature very little Photoshop or post-processing from any computer software at all. It may simply be taken with lights gelled to the appropriate color, and with the lens defocused.


Besides the obvious Lens Blur it looks like it was overlayed with a Gradient Fill layer using a custom color gradient, or the overlay could have been a layer containing a few coarse color splotches: yellowish on bottom, bluish left, and purplish right.


Here is a tutorial of how to replicate the "fish eye" effect...


Those images you pointed to are very low-contrast images. Several thing you should try to do is to change contrast in high low and mid tones. Also you can try to change the colors of image the saturation in HSV channel. Highly recommended, alien exposure software in which you can play with image contrasts colors ect.


This isn't necessarily just of interest in photo editing — it can be useful in making strong color compositions as well. In general, yellow is the most visible and first-noticed color (random citation, but there are plenty of others) and yellow on black is widely regarded as providing the most visibile contrast. You'll often see it used for warning signs for ...

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