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You might try a split-field closeup lens (filter). Though there are commercial products such as this Hoya 55 mm split-field filter or this Cokin 3-diopter filter, you could experiment with a macro lens set and an abrasive saw. A home-made split lens might not have the quality of a commercial one, but would be interesting to make. In any event, you'd have ...


I would take with me a zoom wide angle lens. The diference on size and perspective on 2 relative close objects is more noticeble than a longer focus distance. Second, I would really want the coliseum to be in the picture. A 10-24 would be awsome, but a 16-85 would give you better flexibility to take normal shoots. The zoom is not really needed for the ...


There are many lenses you can use for this task as long as you are diligent about the placement of people and items. You could use a good prime like a 35mm or 50mm but I would stay away from any wide angles that may cause edge distortion or make the image look like its bending. A good portrait lens will also do the job if you have the distance for the ...

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