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You don't require multiple photos. if you can see the angle between known landmarks you can use Resection, a triangulation technique used for surveying. As long as you can see 3 items whose location you know and you can measure the angle between them then you can calculate the exact location of the photo. There is a nice paper I saw from the University ...


Any lens below 70mm will create a semi fish eye effect on face because wide angle lenses 50mm or below are meant to shot scenery and bend the corners back while blowing up center to fit more of the scene/room. For a face that's bad news because the nose gets big the eyes hallow and face narrow. For portraits photography you want to flatten the distance ...


You say: When I select the Perspective tool and click anywhere in the canvas, the grid appears, already scaled to just the subject Emphasis added, because that's important. This is not the normal behavior of the perspective tool. Normally, if you just click, the grid will cover the entire image. It sounds like you have your subject pre-selected. You ...


An easy to demonstrate "bar bet trick" is to ask someone what object held at full arm's length most closely just covers a full moon/the sun - a coaster, a bottle cap, an aspirin? It's the aspirin! We mentally enlarge the object in our primary focus with the naked eye, and even though our broad field of vision is considered equivalent to 35-50mm lens ...

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