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It seems to be real. If you are shooting the moon with a 800mm lens, the image of the moon will be approximatly 8mm in diameter. If Paco used an APSC sensor, the dimensions of the image frame make sense. Thomas Mueller


Try moving further away and then zooming in. The bulge effect is cause by the fact that you are too close in this situation. E.g you might be 30cm from the closest part of the tyre and 60cm from the top of the tyre. Consequently the top will look 'smaller' and narrower. Imagine holding up two 30cm rulers - one at arm's length from your face and the other ...


To do this optically (in camera) you will need to shoot the tyre from a long way away using a telephoto or supertelephoto lens. Being a long way away means the front of the tyre and back of the tyre are very similar distances and will therefore appear a similar size (imagine if you are one tyre-diameter away, the front of the tyre will be twice as close as ...

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