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You didn't mention whether your camera is a DSLR or a compact camera, but if it's a DSLR with live view and a flip-out or articulating LCD panel, then there's an easy way, which I use all the time these days as my knees are too challenged to get down low very often. Mount the camera on a tripod or monopod set to the height you need, turn on live view and ...


Another option is to use a tilt-shift lens. Canon makes good ones, the Nikon ones aren't so great (I'm a Nikon user). This will enable you to take a photograph with the camera at eye height standing up with no converging vertical lines. See


You can improve the perspective by simply standing back and zooming in. The further back you can go the closer to the correct perspective you'll get. You can then correct it further in software if need be. You can also further improve the perspective by positioning the subject off-centre in the frame. You want it below the centre of the frame if you're ...


You mention that you use "a regular digital camera", which a few Google searches suggest means point-and-shoot. I hope I will not sound offensive, but maybe a flip screen camera could get the job done? Of course the focus/etc will not be as great as with a DSLR, but if you use a regular digital camera in the first place, then it should be OK. Lower your ...


You can do perspective correction in post. This emulates the effect of tilt-shift lenses. Not all photo manipulation programs have this capability. I often even prefer perspective correction over changing the camera's position, because it allows me to make straight lines parallel while still keeping the angle of the photo that I want. For instance, you ...


The Canon 70d has built-in WiFi that you can use to control the camera from a smartphone or tablet, via an app. You can mount the camera on a low tripod (or a taller tripod with an inverted centre column), see what it's pointing at in real time on your phone/tablet and control the shutter from it, too. You'd still have to bend down to position the camera, ...


Many tripods allow you to invert the center column, putting the camera below where the legs meet. You can mount the camera at the proper height this way, then move the tripod around until you get the view you want.


How about using something like a Walkstool and a short tripod? Does your digital camera have an articulating screen? You could use it like a waist-level finder.


Mount your camera on a low tripod and tether your camera to a laptop. You would then preview on the laptop before remotely triggering the shutter and capture the image through software like Aperture or Lightroom. It's more stuff to lug around but you won't need to squat long to compose and capture.

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