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Aside from the wireless P-TTL "smart" optical triggering with Pentax gear, the AF 360 FGZ has a "dumb" optical slave mode (Slave 2) built-in that works with any simple flash burst (read: will work with any brand camera gear). Set the 7D's pop-up flash into M mode (to avoid sending out an eTTL pre-flash), and it should trigger the AF 360 to fire in sync. You ...


You could pick up a set of cheap radio triggers, or you could take David Hobby's advice and use some 1/8" adapters and a long cable with male 1/8" connectors on each end.


I use PK mount lenses on my Lumix G1 with a PK to M4/3 adapter. As the previous responder has said, usage is restricted to Av aperture priority or M Manual modes. But that is fine the lenses work well like this and mirrorless cameras have certain advantages over using legacy lenses on dslr's not least the "focus assist" modes to help with focus ie ...


Generally speaking, it will work, for varying definitions of "works". There won't be any autofocus, and you'll have to set the aperture using the lens ring, so you'll probably be stuck in either aperture-priority or full manual shooting modes. And unless the adapter tube is chipped, you probably won't have AF confirmation or the lens EXIF information. But ...

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