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The distance, camera to subject determines the perspective of the image. Consider, things close to the camera reproduce large, and things further away, reproduce small. If you work in too close, the nose reproduces too big and the ears too small. We are taking distortion. It is mainly distortion of the facial features that causes the subject to say, “I look ...


Because it is a macro, you can go closer than usual. You can use it for things like jewelry, wristwatches etc. Consider if 70mm equivalent is not too wide for headshots, though. I believe fashion photographers usually prefer flat look that is typical for longer focal lengths.


Focal length is focal length, macro or not. What makes a macro lens special is that it is designed to have a small closest focusing distance. This allows to take images 1:1 the size of the subject (or 1:2 in this case). Other than that, it can be used like any other lens. Is 71mm focal length too short for use cases that I am doing to shoot all of them ...


This is a difficult search. I found a lot of information on the Canon EF mount (largely because of Magic Lantern), and some about Nikon. Pentax is not enough of a mainstream brand to interest a lot of folks to reverse engineer the lens-camera communication, and the Pentax-Q is even a smaller subset of that. I noticed that on the Metabones FAQ page, they say, ...

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