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Assuming you shot images out of order, the files in the list have to be in the order you want them to be stitched, so renaming the files, or adding them in order, (i.e., add all the images to the left, then your central one, then all the images to the right) are probably your only options. You could also use a fuller-featured stitcher, such as Hugin (open ...


The PTAssembler link below explains a lot about those projections. It specifically answers the question you asked ... Why use the different projects? Actually, as you'll see, PTAssembler has those variations so that you can get the control you want. Think of it as, what a DSLR is to a Point-and-Shoot. Max Lyons ...


Which projections are useful to you depends a lot on what type of panoramas you're making, the image itself, and how you want to present the pano. That list is pretty standard for any Panorama Tools-based GUI (that's where the PT in PTGui, PTAssembler, PTLens, etc. comes from). I'd say take a spin through this Hugin manual page on projections to get a ...

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