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I think you pretty much answered your own question--which is more important to you--image quality or traveling light? The difference probably isn't as big as you're thinking, since the NNs break down into pretty small packages, all told. I tend to keep my NN3 disassembled with the horizontal and vertical arm assemblies separate, so you're packing two bars, ...


It depends on the scene you're trying to shoot, how you're trying to shoot it, and what kind of 360 panorama you're making. Coverage and parallax are two separate things, so, no you can't "fix" parallax errors by shooting more coverage with more overlap. And yes, stitching programs can encounter alignment problems when parallax comes into play with nearby ...


Distance to the closest object Let's say the closest object from your lens is a chair at 50cm. The different shots will be very different regarding this chair. If the closest object is like 5m away the misalignment will be smaller. So you have to decide or prepare the scene or your point of view to minimize this defect. One option is to have this close ...


You could try Optonaut as an alternative to Googles Photo Sphere app. The special thing about this app is that you can view the images in 3D via a technique called "stereoscopy". All you need is an Android / iOS smartphone to create the image and a standard smartphone + Cardboard (see Kickstarter below) to see it in 3D. If you want to watch the "normal" ...


What is its goal? The main goal of the Brenizer method is to mimic the shallower depth of field you get with a medium or large format camera without using a medium or large format camera. While larger formats do not, inherently, give you shallower DoF, the fact that larger formats yield a wider field of view tends, if you try to compose an image ...


As I understand it, it's easier to make panoramas with a tilt-shift lens since there's no need to apply any projections when merging the photos. Ideally, with exactly the same lighting between shots and the position of the lens exactly the same, it should be possible to simple overlay the photos over each other to get a good result. Without a tilt-shift ...


Did I misunderstand the part about "rotating around the center point"? No, you didn't misunderstand, but as you rightly guessed, parallax is less critical in some cases than others. Is that rule not applicable to subjects at infinity? I guess most panoramas are land-scapes, right? At least that is what I am shooting. It applies, but it generally ...

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