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Take your ambient exposures for inside and out. Then expose for the windows whilst using fill flash so that the window frames are lit making it an easy cut and paste. Combine fill and ambient exposures to your taste. Mask in or out shadow and highlight areas within the interior that are getting lost.


The most suitable lens of your kit is the one that took the best/most promising images when you scouted the rail road track location beforehand. The first image has an interesting background with buildings and a bridge in addition to the railroad. It adds to the image. A wider lens can include more of the background and the surroundings. The second one ...


I think you'll be best off with the 24-70mm zoom. You're going to want a smaller aperture than f/1.8 anyway -- at 10 feet, the 85mm set to f/1.8 will give you only a few inches of depth of field. Your example images have a lot more DOF than that. Using the zoom will give you a lot more flexibility with respect to focal length, and also let you change focal ...

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