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Your competition is not other photographers, it's a teacher with a point and shoot. Schools care about the quality of the education, and the relatively minor quality difference in a staged group shot is worth very little to the school. The school may use it for their magazine or website, but they're working on a shoestring. They may pay for 1 or 2 images. ...


Just take each shot so that it looks roughly right but with a wider lens/further away. Then match all images in post processing by cropping. This is a lot simpler than matching the images in camera. At least in terms of positioning the subject within the frame. Considering the pose itself I would not strive for a perfect match. If something looks too good, ...


Fun idea. That could be called hyperlapse. If you use a specific memory card for that project, you can always switch from viewing the first photo of the project to live view. Another option is that you built a box with a grid or something and put it in front of your camera, like the old matte paint technique used in cinema. Instead of having a paint of a ...


I realise that I could measure the distance in each shot, and have a point on her body centered within the view finder. But what about possible elevation changes changing the angle? A quick way to get close is to decide on the pose you want to use and do the first shot at home. Make a print and keep it in your camera bag so that you can refer to it ...

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