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My experience With this kind of scenery, HDR is very often not really an option, because you didn't bring a tripod along. Also you often can't get to your subject at dusk or dawn, because you want to complete your hiking track. For me, this approach to mitigate those issues works best: Always shoot in RAW Mode Enable any overexposure warning on your ...


With so many elements potentially moving and 'ghosting', id actually put HDR to one side, this is a very easy 5 min job in post if shooting raw A) make sure you shoot in raw :) B) (in Lightroom or Adobe Camera raw) bring up the shadows and take down the highlights, make sure theres little or no pure white or black - hold down the alt/option key whilst ...


This is a tough scene to capture in a single shot, because the dynamic range is larger than your camera can capture. Shooting on a cloudy day, or at a different time of day (this scene looks like it was taken near noon) so that you can work the angle of the light might help, but it's going to be tough. It might be worth looking at HDR or exposure fusing ...


Shoot RAW, color correct in post (or even color grade a bit to give it a more creative feel) so that you can boost shadow detail and fine tune the black point. Cut the highlights and adjust the curves to make the shadows look less over-contrast. Depending on the overall look you end up with, you may also have to cut saturation a bit if the green becomes ...

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