Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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The focal length is the distance from the (theoretical) center of the lens to the image plane. On the large format camera, there's a lot more camera between the lens and the film. The lenses are also often relatively simple — there's no need for a focusing mechanism in the lens itself, for example. @osullic gives the example of the Schneider PC TS ...


Take a look at these two Schneider lenses that both have 90mm focal length: The first has coverage for "35mm" format, the second coverage for large format. I am not sure, but I think the main reason for the difference in size is the fact that the large format lens is a "simpler" design, i.e. fewer elements/groups. The reason a large format lens can use a ...


A few points to consider (mostly adding to mattdm's answer): A manually focusing 135mm Nikkor 2.8 lens in F mount is about 91.5mm long, and looking at a drawing of the lens most of the optical elements are in the front. So a comparison with a zoom lens isn't really fair -- it is a much more complicated lens. Strictly speaking, a telephoto lens is one ...


Your eyes are very sensitive once they become accustomed to the dark (rods can respond to single photons, although a higher flux is needed for actual image formation). You could probably see your mime on stage (under bright stage lights) dimly but intelligibly enough. If you needed a brighter image you could use a lens instead of a pinhole without violating ...


The older (50's-60's) large format Schneider Symmars that are "convertible" fit this description when used with the front group removed. My 135/235 isn't wonderful used as a 235 with the front group removed, but it's not awful either, at least by f16. Suspect there are other convertibles (Cooke?) that this is also true for.


I eventually found out that MS SuperTriplet Perar 24mm F4 and MS SuperTriplet Perar 28mm F4 were objectives which I tried to recall. They are M-mount objectives meaning that they are not tied to a specific camera. I did not find any concrete words about iris placement but every photograph of these objectives suggests that iris is in front. Here is an ...

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