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From a long time back when I was looking into film astrophotography (and the hype around hyping film - never did get into it) there was a website that I can no longer find that had tests of various films and their spectral sensitivity. There are a few very important frequencies of light such as 656nm that astro-photographers are very concerned about. The ...


It's true that most lenses don't transmit very much UV light, however, it's not true that only quartz lenses are suitable for UV photography. You can also use enlarging lenses, and even some modern pancake lenses can work pretty well. You can find my previous answer to a similar question, with a bit more detail here: Are there cheaper alternatives to ...


I am not sure what the spectral transmission of glass is at 250nm but you can test the transmission by using a spectroradiometer. You can point the radiometer at a test light source and measure its spectral power distribution. Then place the test lens between the source and the radiometer and measure it again. Divide the two measurements to get the ...

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