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This not a thing that can happen. Cameras just don't work that way. For that matter, light doesn't work that way. Specifically, for digital cameras: every "photosite" — each individual pixel-level sensor — is just a counter of photons. It doesn't have any sense of the wavelength of the light received, and correspondingly no perception of color. In order to ...


Professional underwater enclosures use either a flat or semi-spherical dome for lens to shoot through. The air/water interface naturally acts as a lens, so there will be some distortion if flat where as a dome can produce a lens due to bending of light passing through the air/water interface. That said, be careful to realize how much pressure your box ...


The SLR Magic Hyper Prime is lower than that at f/0.95, and Leica's Noctilux also offers f/0.95. And then there's the brand new IBELUX 40mm f/0.85. And if rental counts, you can rent the Zeiss f/0.7 lens made for NASA and famously used by Stanley Kubrick - but only attached to a specific camera. That's often claimed to be the largest practically usable ...

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