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What exactly “professional-grade” means in Nikon line of lenses? It means nothing. It means nothing because Nikon doesn't designate certain lenses as "professional grade" and other lenses as "non-professional grade". Anyone outside of Nikon who uses such terms is doing so based on their own arbitrary definition, not on a definition of "professional grade" ...


One reason "professional grade" is hard to define is because it's going to get manufacturer's in trouble by setting unreasonable expectations. It's easy, for example, to say that a metal bodied lens is more durable than a plastic composite... but that's not strictly true. The metal body will show dings; the plastic composite won't. The metal body will ...


The major manufacturers do not mark lenses as "pro" or "non pro" and they probably have a good reason for that. There are very good professionals that use cheaper "amateur grade" equipment because their back can't handle heavy expensive lenses anymore. There are professional photographers for whom top of the line lenses with latest features are not ...

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