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Any through-the-lens methods for setting white balance will take the lens glass/coating/filters into effect, such as: "Auto white balance" in-camera or in post. Measuring with a grey card and setting custom white balance from it in-camera or in post. Custom correction judging with your eye in post. Any other methods for setting white balance will not, ...


The first question you ask yourself is what accuracy do you want. Normally you want to get into 6 to 2 deltaE range of accuracy, which does not stress the system too much. Splitting hairs, available white balance adjustments are linear by nature, while lens spectral transmission is not. However, any dust on a lens, or any so-called protection filter you are ...


Short answer: Yes, you need to create separate profiles for each camera/lens combination. Unless the light in your test passes through the same lens, the system has no way of knowing what characteristics for which to correct. Applying a profile created using one lens and then expecting it to properly correct a significantly different lens would be like ...

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