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Actually, Even if there were a camera with the capabilities of your eyes, the photos you could take with it would be really shitty. What makes your eyes awesome is the software, i.e. your brain that does a ridiculous amount of incredibly sophisticated post-processing that uses time sequences of sensory input to simulate a much higher resolution and dynamic ...


A cheap solution is to use a legacy wide aperture lens with its X-mount adapter. You loose Autofocus but you keep manual focusing helpers : focus peaking etc. See here for an example Minolta Rokkor MD 50mm f/1.2 review


The solution was in fact to exchange the camera by the retailer - they agreed that this is definitely a dead-on-arrival. Problem solved.


I think that Itai has covered it pretty well. However it's worth remembering that another contender is likely to be only a couple of months away; the 40-150 f/2.8 pro lens from Olympus which, last I heard, is due out in September. (Referred to in the brochure that can be found here.) Depending on: (a) How much you need a lens now (I'd assume that you ...


After I replaced the 64GB SD card that I'm normally using with a 1 GB card, the update worked. Go figure...


It is possible, but not ideal. You cannot use a simple ring adapter, because the registration distance for Olympus OM mount is smaller than that of Pentax K. And as you can't simple jam the lens back into the camera body the required distance, if you use a simple ring adapter, and have the lens sitting too far forward, it's like using a macro extension ...


If you are speaking of a micro four-thirds Olympus m.Zuiko or four-thirds or e.Zuiko lens, then no, you cannot use them. Not only is the registration distance (the distance from the sensor to the lens mount) much smaller than Nikon F mount (which means you could not achieve focus at infinity with the lens without an adapter with a glass element to act as a ...


Unfortunately, no. I'm going to assume that the lens you are interested in is a current Micro 4/3rds Olympus lens, but this is true for vintage "OM" lenses as well. The Olympus cameras have a shorter flange distance — basically, the lenses mount closer to the camera, which is the reverse of the situation where an adapter can work. (It might be theoretically ...

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