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One thing to note is that if you're zooming to "maximum detail" (i.e. 100% crop or 1-to-1 size) on both images, that's not a fair comparison. The Olympus has more pixels, so you're effectively zooming in 60% (sqrt(16/6) ~ 1.6) more on the 16 MP images than you are on the 6 MP images. For any practical application (either on-screen or printing), what you care ...


It's probably the defaults image setting parameters that each camera is set to. Is there a "neutral" setting for your camera that it's set to instead of something like "standard"? If not, somewhere in your manual it will tell you how to change the image processing parameters. You'll want to bump up the sharpening and noise removal settings, and maybe ...


The possible sources of error can be: Expired/bad quality battery (e.g. you used it beyond its operation temperature limits). Camera-to-battery communication is corrupted - either a circuit is faulty, or even more likely that the data connection between these two is corrupted. Check for dirt on the copper contacts of the camera and the battery. Cleaning is ...


Have you checked the tension of the battery door spring/bracket? On my Canon Powershot S90, over time, the spring that pushes the door against the battery so it makes good contact, lost tension. Eventually, even with a freshly recharged battery pack, as soon as I turned the camera on, I'd get the "change battery pack" message, and the camera would shut ...


Sometimes - and I've just been reading about this -, weirdly enough, cameras can turn off if they basically crash and cannot write fast enough to the memory card. I've never experienced this - only read about it. Is your memory stick of a lower class (they'll indicate this, Class 1-10 - or a rating in Mb/s)?


It will be showing the jpeg preview (a jpeg preview is embedded in each raw file) until the RAw file fully loads up. All raw files need a little PP in order to look anything like the jpegs you get out of camera. I remember it used to annoy me!


One of the possible issues here is colour management. The raw rendition which you see after the initial delay may have no embedded profile, or you may need to set Picasa Color Management to "on" in View menu. It may be both issues, too.


Early this year, I saw this on Pentaxforum where someone made a replacement mount ring for his Pentax DSLR to allow mounting of other mount lenses like Nikon, Olympus (your case), Contax/Yashica and even Konica. Quite a feat I say and he actually fabricated some for sale. Below is the original post: ...


Yes, it is only matter of a step-up ring. If you want to try before buying a thing, do a hand-held test. It is really easy and strightforward, specially if you have a tripod, but if you don't, a table and a bean bag is just fine. Set up your new camera in any mode you wish, and make a few test shots to have a base to compare. Then hand-hold the filters ...


The Olympus E-10 is not a system camera since its lens is fixed to the body. I guess that your wide angle, micro, macro and telephoto lenses are all of the screw on type for the lens filter thread since you mention the step ring. If so you can use them with other lenses on other cameras. The fact that you want to use them specifically on the Canon T3i is ...


It may be physically possible, but there's the question of if you really want to. IIRC, the E-10 accessory lenses will have been optimized for the E-10's lens. Using them on other lenses will probably give poor results. But hey, a step up ring is only a couple of bucks, so go ahead and try, and let us know how it worked out. BTW, I think the macro lens will ...

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