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You won't readily find a Canon EOS -> Nikon F or Canon FD/FL -L Nikon F adapter. There are a couple of reasons for this. The ability of a lens to focus through its entire range to infinity relies heavily upon the distance it's held from the image plane. This is known as the register distance or flange focal distance, and it's specific to each mount ...


I believe that is the one you can't do. One of the big two mounts their lenses too far from the sensor to use the other's lens system. I don't recall for sure which it is, but as there is an adapter to use Nikon lenses on an EOS body on B&H, presumably it is the Canon lenses that can't work on a Nikon body. In cases where an extension tube would work, ...


I know this is a bit late to answer your question, but I do so in case someone else happen ask the same thing. I own a Helios 44K-4, but this is because it has got a Pentax K-mount. Here is a link where you can find out more about the Helios 44 lenses in general. Make sure you scroll down and also read the comments following the list of lenses. ...


One likely possibility is that the adapter ring you're using doesn't have a pin to hold the DoF preview lever on the lens in place, so that the lens actually stops down, and despite setting the aperture with the lens's aperture ring, you're still shooting wide open. You may need to hold the DoF preview button down while you take the shot to get the aperture ...


The AF confirmation actually works on a very similar principle to the old focus screen, in that they compare two different optical paths in order to determine exactly how in or out of focus the image is. The exact technique is different, but they accomplish the same end goal. The only difference is a computer is comparing the sides of the circle for you. ...


With this chip, you will, when you half-press the shutter, get the red dot in the viewfinder and the beeping as confirmation of focus, just as if you used a modern AF lens in manual focus mode. But, if you long for the split screen focussing aid, there are third-party focussing screen replacements you can install in your camera. (just for a quick example: ...

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