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If these are Leica-M mount lenses, then you cannot adapt them to any dSLR mount. The registration distance (how far away from the image plane the lens has to be held) is much smaller with rangefinder lenses than SLR lenses. You'd end up interfering with the mirror path if you jammed the lenses far enough into the camera for the lens to achieve focus to ...


This depends on what kind of bayonet or screw those lenses use to mount on a camera. Basically you should look for xxx to Nikon F adapter, where xxx is the mount type used by the lens. You will likely need a correcting lens adapter, since the Nikon has the longest flange distance of any camera manufacturer and focusing to infinity becomes practically ...


If you want to avoid mirror collision issues with a Canon full frame altogether, shave the mirror, get a 1‑series camera, or (mostly) avoid wide angle lenses. Learning about mirror collision is just part of the fun and games when it comes to adapting manual lenses to the Canon prosumer full frame bodies. I think the only brand of the six that are ...

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