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Probably the fastest and easiest way to cover the bases would be to do automatic exposure bracketing. But if you want to be precise, I'd say either use an external light meter, or get really really good/fast with the Sunny 16 rule, and learning to use your histogram to judge exposure. The Sunny 16 rule is a good way to approximate for exposure. In clear, ...


There are no such adapters, because the Leica M lenses have a registration distance that would put the lens inside the Canon's body if you wanted to achieve focus to infinity. Canon's mount distance from the sensor is roughly twice that of a Leica M's mount from the sensor/film plane. The distance the lens is held is part of the mount system design and is ...


This is not possible. The flange distance of M mount is 27.8mm while EF mount is 44mm. The lens would function as an extreme macro lens only on EF mount, so no one makes Leica M to Canon EF adapters.


This is the first, "zebra" version, optically the same design as Pancolar 2.0/50. The aperture control switch ("tumbler") should have 2 positions, "A" is counter-clockwise when looking at the front element, "M" is clockwise when looking at the front element - not 3 positions. The rear part of the lens should have an actuator pin that, when pressed, makes the ...


This isn't a definative answer, but a speculation and something for you to check that's too long for a comment. I'd be surprised if the lever had a visible effect. Try turning the focus and f-stop rings at the different positions and see if there is a difference in feel or motion range. I have a pre-war Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm lens that has a separate ring ...


You can use Pentax screwmount (M42 Mount) lenses on a Nikon D60 (F-Mount) by using an adapter. An example of such an adapter is this one available from B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/995104-REG/fotodiox_m42_nk_pg_pro_nikon_f_mount_lens.html

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