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As others have pointed out, any EF lens should work on modern EOS digital SLR's. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that they will only look about the same on Full Frame digital SLR's, e.g. 1D, 5D or 6D series, because the sensor in those cameras is similar in size to the size of film exposed in a 35mm film camera. On other cameras, "APS-C" or "crop ...


Since Canon introduced the EOS system in 1987, all EOS EF mount lenses will work on all EOS EF (full frame, APS-H) or EF-S (APS-C) mount bodies. This means they will be functional in terms of automatic metering and auto focus. What field of view each lens will yield on a digital body depends on the size of that camera's sensor. For a closer look at that ...


Those are all Canon EF mount lenses. They will work with any current Canon DSLR, but are so old you may desire newer versions with newer technology.


M42 mount lenses (manual screw mount) can be used on almost any known brand as there are a wide variety of adapters available. This applies to any full frame and any DSLR / System camera that's not a 4/3. Sony can use the "newer" Minolta AF lenses, these were also quite common back in the day. Of course, some older lenses do not have AF and the use of ...


Current autofocusing lens mounts Each SLR brand has actually had multiple mounts over time, but the current dSLR mounts, except for four-thirds cameras, all have backwards compatibility with the current autofocusing mounts: Pentax K, Nikon F, Canon EOS, and Minolta AF (Sony Alpha). 3rd party lenses may not autofocus correctly and can require rechipping due ...


as a committed Pentax user who has had many a good shooting session with M42 screw lenses on Pentax DSLRs, I can't believe I'm about to say this but: While other posters are completely correct that Pentax is awesome for compatibility with old lenses, and the in body image stabilisation is a particular high point, no one has mentioned Canon and that's ...


Instead of rubbing alcohol, I would go with a higher-purity form of isopropyl alcohol. There aren't any strong standards on what "rubbing alcohol" contains. If it contains ethyl alcohol, it has to be denatured in order to avoid being classed as an alcoholic drink; its makers do not want all the regulatory problems that go with that sort of classification. ...

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