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As to why Japan was/is so successful a lens-making nation, the summary in this excellent thesis answers your question pretty well: Edit: in a nutshell, the thesis linked here identifies that Japan benefitted from considerable market protection put in ...


And to add "close East" remark. Soviet Union also make a lot of cameras and lens. Cameras Source 1 (in Russian) Cameras Source 2 (in Russian) Cameras Source 3 (in Russian) Lens Source 1 Lens Source 2 P.S. There is a lot of information in Russian language about old (and new) cameras and lenses, manufactured in ex Soviet Union and I just do not have ...


Japan was not the only country making cameras and lenses in the 1970's and 1980's but they had a huge market share. (they still do) Before World War II most good cameras were made in Germany. Japanese companies started making copies of German cameras in the late 1930's and by the time the war ended, these Japanese cameras were very good quality. In the ...


Actually, quite a few problems. Just my personal opinion, but you'd be better off saving pennies and getting an APS-C 50/1.8G or 35/1.8. The only reason to go to the vintage glass is if you like being a stubborn cuss, with a fascination for vintage glass, who does stuff just to prove you can. Who also knows how to accurately grade a vintage lens both in ...


Don't worry about the pins, as long as you can handle manual exposure, aperture and focus. You will need to shoot in manual mode and tell the camera to expose when it thinks there is no lens attached. Most likely though you will not be able to achieve infinity focus, because of the flange-focal-distance. Here is a follow-up-read (or 'duplicate'): How will ...


There are a bunch of different factors, but yes, you can adapt both Minolta AF and Minolt MC/MD lenses to micro four-thirds--you can adapt practically every SLR mount to micro four-thirds with simple rings, and with an Olympus body you'll have stabilization as well. But. If they're Minolta AF lenses, you won't have an aperture ring on the lens by which to ...


Yes, it works, but you'll need to remember the crop factor. Micro 3/4 has a crop factor of two, so an old 50mm lens will feel like a 100mm lens. Look here for a good explanation:

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