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I have K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter: It works perfectly and I like that the one I have for Nikon F Mount is from a different company (Kiwifoto) so its easy for me to identify which is which. It is all ...


Yes, it is possible to mount and use Pentax K objectives with Sony E mount via adapter with following limitations: no autofocus and any function requiring electricity are usable no aperture coupling is possible, the aperture won't be opened for framing automatically and closed for exposure objectives without aperture ring will be have aperture closed ...


Have you checked the mechanical linkage on the body that controls aperture to see if it is stuck? If it is not stuck try moving it by hand and see if the aperture reading changes. The mechanical aperture ring likage may be used to read the aperture ring position and if it is not in the pictured position camera may misread the aperture. This coupling is ...


I use the Vello FD to EOS adapter. As far as maximum focusing distance for each lens, I dont have a clue. I just don't focus to infinity. I let my DoF setting take care of infinity. I use Hyperdistance focusing with the FD lenses. On the lens barrel in front of the aperture ring is a set of f numbers on either side of the critical focus mark. I set the ...

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