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The only danger I can see: If the kids see you taking the lens apart then later, when you are not around, they might decide they want to be "just like daddy" and start taking apart the 70-200!


The "For Canon" is a pretty big hint, narrowing things down significantly. Since it's clearly not the current "EOS" mount, the obvious guess is that it's the previous manual-focus Canon mount, called "FD". Your image is kind of blurry, but a quick Google search or a look at a guide like this one on Keh.com (thanks @Blrfl) will confirm this — it's Canon FD. ...


This lens was made in many, many different versions over the years — Soligor primarily (or exclusively?) licensed other company's products and attached their name. This forum post identifies at least 21 different versions, and those may come in multiple mounts. I'm pretty sure that this one has an old Minolta bayonet mount (Minolta MC/MD). That's ...


What you know is wrong. You cannot adapt lenses to Nikon F easily without modifying a lens mount. The Nikon F mount has one of the largest registration distances of all the old film SLR mounts. Unless you have €100 or so to spend on a Leitax kit, but most of the lenses those will fit are going to cost you decidedly more than €200 if they're in ...


They won't fit directly on the mount, but you can find adapters for the Canon FD mount for all the mirrorless camera mounts, including EOS M. I'd actually suggest looking at some of the other mirrorless mounts, such as Sony NEX, Fuji X, or micro four-thirds, considering that the EOS M2/M3 and the EOS M ultrawide zoom are only sold in Asia, so the upgrade ...


Not directly, no. But you can buy an adapter that lets you use FD lenses. The adapters are rather cheap and available in most online shops. (amazon, ebay, ...) I don't own one so I don't feel like linking to a particular product. Search for "EOS-M to FD adapter".

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