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The internal clock in a camera requires power to keep running. In some cameras, the clock runs off a separate battery from the main one. This secondary clock battery (often a small button cell) may have died and needs to be replaced. For an example of this type of battery replacement, see the ifixit.com guide on replacing the clock battery in a Canon ...


That is a Contax G1 interchangeable lens autofocus rangefinder camera.


There's technical information here about the various substitutes available that give you more options. The page lists several substitutes with information about availability as well as technical information regarding voltage stability.


I still have an Olympus XA2 camera somewhere. It had an extremely quiet shutter - not much louder than a pin drop. If I can dig it up I can try to record the sound of the shutter compared to some other sounds (like a pin drop). The film advance (manual/thumb click wheel) was considerably louder than the shutter. See ...

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