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The Minolta Hi Matic 9 has a fixed 45mm lens. It is not possible to switch lenses. Source: oldcamerareview Lens variety and interchangeability – Nope, you won’t get that either. But, if you are the person that had to save up and finally got your Leica and lens, you probably can’t afford another lens for awhile anyway.


If I understand correctly (looking at the manual, pictures of the camera and repair advice for this camera), the shutter for this camera is in the lens and the lens isn't designed to be removed. Also, this is a rangefinder camera (so the user isn't looking through the lens to frame the picture). Zoom lenses for 35mm normally are designed for SLRs -- where ...


The early "black" Konica Hexar AF had a silent mode that was very good. For complicated reasons Konica disabled it in later versions of the camera. But it was still there in the firmware and could be hacked back into existence. Plus it had a sweet 35/2. Plus active AF that focused perfectly in complete darkness. They even used IR for the active AF so there ...


There was a Canon Rebel model that had a semi transparent mirror, so half the light went to the viewfinder and half could pass to the film, so there was no need to flip the mirror, which is the loudest process on a SLR camera. On a tween lens camera there is no need to flip any mirror at all, so the cameras were very silent.

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