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Make sure your shutter speed is not more than sync speed, specially for your pocket wizards.


Can put the Profoto AirTTL on camera hot shoe to TTL and HSS the Profotos and also connect whatever other flash to PokcetWizard, Attached one PocketWizard to SyncPort of the camera.


It is just a diffuser and also great protection, I haven't seen anybody take it off really. Left it be there.


If you are using your flashes in full auto TTL, then there is no point in having a LightMeter, however, if you wish to have better control and more accurate tone, colour, brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights, then manual is the way to go and the Sekonic Lightmeter is a great tool to have. Apologies if I happen to go over anything too basic with my ...


Probably no, it has no sense. The point in long term will be learning how to use a lightmeter and not using the TTL. But it can help you to compensate the ev+-. If the TTL gives you a f/11 aperture on a situation, and the lightmeter reads f/8 try to compensate a 1+ ev and compare the results.


Despite the name of your modifier (Profoto White Softlight 20.5" Reflector), this is no soft light at all. The light source is far away and small enough to produce hard light on the subject. The most common property that makes light hard or soft is how smooth the shadows are. This can be seen from the shadow under the chin on the neck. The shadow has a sharp ...


My short answer is just move the model a little further from the background. The rest are just some additional opinions. An additional thing is subjective, because it is modifying the light style: It is moving the light source a bit to your right. In my opinion the light is a little "plain" because it feels too close to the camera. If you move your ...


Ruined? That's a great photo! (If you were going for a sort of Halloween effect.) The position of the key light – off to the side and elevated – was perfect for this subject, and is typical of how beauty dishes are used. Now, if you didn't want the shadow here are things to consider: Using a single source you can't have the subject against ...


In general, no, not only do you not need it, but it won't help at all. In order to provide any meaningful amount of light more than a few feet away, you need a very, very powerful flash — much more than you can get in anything battery powered. Unless you are right on the field — less than ten feet away from your subject — even an expensive hotshoe flash ...


Without going into technicalities, I can provide some user experience. Having hired both reflectors for a previous job; firstly, the Zoom reflectors were a lot smaller, 7-8in in diameter and about 6in depth and the Widezoom reflector was a lot larger, about twice the size from what I can recall. The zoom reflector at position 10 gave a harder shadow than ...


Most low-cost (say < US$50/set) flash radio triggers do not support eTTL or HSS. They are "manual-only" triggers. It the triggers/flash only have a single contact/pin they're definitely manual-only, because that big contact/pin in the center of the hotshoe "square" is the sync signal and that's the only signal that can physically be communicated. There ...

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