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No, you can't. To quote from v5.0 of The Other YN-622C User Guide II, page 20: The Canon YN-622C is NOT compatible with the Nikon YN-622N. The camera codes are not the same. This actually makes sense when you consider the completely different pin/contact arrangement on the hotshoe and the inevitable differences in signal protocols. The only way I ...


All you can test for compatibility with a manual flash is: Does it fire properly when mounted on the hotshoe when you push the shutter button? Does it work properly off-camera with the appropriate trigger on your camera hotshoe? (I.e., does it fire in sync, and can you change settings from the trigger that the trigger allows?) While the YN-560III comes ...


Those models listed were probably the most current models offered at the time the item description was written. The YN560 III has been around for a while. It's not likely the product description will be updated every time a camera manufacturer introduces a new model.

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