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You're talking about a number of different things here. But first off, using your Sony HLV flash off-camera with your pop-up as master is a different system than typical "optical slaving." While this is optical and light-based, it's a proprietary signalling system that uses a series of light flashes to communicate information (which is why this system can ...


Can you share with us which strobes you want to fire? It all comes down to the connections they have. With PC sync you are safe. The triggers themselves are low-tech light sensors, so I suspect it will be possible in most cases. As for drawbacks, you mentioned that any flash will fire them. Also, the light that triggers them will need to be directed at all ...


Editing out the eyes removes a metric tonne of information that might have been helpful in answering your question — please don't do that if you're asking about studio lighting problems — but there is still something to be seen in the photos you have posted. Apart from the makeup and post-processing that have already been mentioned in the comments, it's ...


There are a few new systems appearing on the horizon that look like they will allow power control from any iso-compatible hotshoe, including those of mirrorless cameras like mft and Fuji X. But they're typically flash-and-trigger combination specific and are likely to be manual-flash-only on mirrorless. AFAIK, there are no full-function-TTL-capable radio ...

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