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If you are using Canon triggering systems, no you cannot perform 2nd-curtain sync over radio. However, the Yongnuo YN-622c radio triggers perform 2nd curtain by bypassing the Canon wireless protocol, and basically faking that the flash is on the camera hotshoe. However, the "wireless" setting does have to be set to off in the camera menu, so it's a bit of ...


With RF-602, RF-603, or RF-603ii triggers, these days, the YN-560iii is the best purchase, since it comes with a built-in receiver for those triggers.


If your Nikon speedlights have SU-4 mode in them (the SB-600 doesn't), you could use SU-4 mode on the speedlights, and the pop-up flash on the NEX6 in manual mode to trigger the lights. If you get manual radio triggers that are transceiver units (i.e., can be used as either a transmitter (Tx) or receiver (Tx)), it must have some way of switching between ...


I use the Yongnou 622's with my 7D and I have found they work quite well. I haven't pushed the range, so I cannot comment on how well they work at long distances. The advantage of these triggers, is full TTL and support for groups and hypersync. This also gives you control of the flash output from the camera, which is great if the flashes are spread ...


Well, There are many full on reviews of flash trigger systems on the internet, my experience differed with their conclusions. The most popular systems out there are PocketWizards. they are also the most expensive, and I heard the company is not doing well financially. So my choice went to Phottix and their Odin system, but... I have just sold this system ...


I've had a YN-560 for a while now and it's a great piece of kit, very cheap too!

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