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If you want to trigger the RF-603, I'd recommend getting a hot shoe adapter like the ones inkista mentioned at the end of her answer. There are various brands and models that accept all sorts of connections (pc port, 3.5 mm stereo, 1/4" stereo, etc.), and it should be easy to find one that matches whatever your acoustic trigger provides. They're simple ...


No. You can't. The PC sync port on the RF-603 is output-only for receiver mode to connect to the flash, not an input. I know, because I tested it with an optical sensor that worked just fine on my very very old RF-602-TX unit (no longer sold as part of the RF-602 sets--they removed the PC port). If you have an iPhone, the Triggertrap Mobile app, a dongle, ...


I did this a few times, it is a lot of work in post, but works great with low budget and no assistance. Camera in tripod, small aperture, low iso, remote trigger for ambient/background, no people around. After that, people aligne and form, I adjust focus and aperture if needed. Then I proceeded to walk in font of the group, left to right, holding a medium ...


Ideally, you'd want two lights on stands, with umbrellas to soften the light. Each light should be pointed toward the opposite end of the group at as close to a 45-degree angle as possible. This distributes the light across the group more evenly. Here's a quick-and-dirty diagram to illustrate:


Is there any advantage to the trigger setup over an all-flash setup? price: The E3-RT costs somewhat less than the 600EX-RT as it's basically the same device without the flash tube, electronics (big capacitors and such) that make the flash tube fire, and half the housing. size and weight: While you're shooting, it's nice to have a smaller, lighter ...


The only real difference between using the dedicated transmitter and another speedlight is whether or not you want on-axis light to come from the on-hotshoe unit. In a studio setup, for example, not a lot of shooters want to use an on-camera light, but simply want to trigger the lights they've already set up. On-axis light can be problematic for typical ...

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