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You have a very good long answer from inkiest. The short answer (from someone who just moved from Canon to Sony a7 series) is that you have to buy a flash that's compatible with Sony's multi-interface shoe to get anything more than plain old manual full-power flash. Sony makes four compatible units, and there are others from third party manufacturers. ...


The simplest solution would seem to be to use a Flash Handle Grip which would keep your fingers away from the flash sensor and provide a more secure way to hold the flash.


You'd probably be better off using a YN-622N-TX dedicated transmitter on the camera. It has a small LCD screen so you can see what your settings are all at once. The YN-622N only has a few LEDs to indicate a lot of different things, and it can be a bit more of a PITA to use than a YN-622N transceiver unit. If you still want TTL/FP (HSS) and remote power ...


It's possible that the reason you're not able to fire on both the preflash and the main flash is that the time between them is too short and the slaves have not had enough time to recharge sufficiently. Try lowering the flash output on the slaves, or increasing the time between the preflash and main flash by half pressing the shutter (assuming your camera ...

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