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As Mike has already said, there is minimal technical distortion with lenses around 35-80mm. But to pick up on your other point, the "cropped" sensor of the D5100 will only take the image from the central part of a "full Frame" lens, which is similar to you taking the middle 67% of an image taken on a full frame camera. You are effectively cropping the ...


There are two types of distortion: 1) Perspective distortion caused by being too close to your subject 2) Barrel or pincushion distortion caused by the lens optics 35mm and 50mm primes generally have very little distortion in the lens so any distortion you would see would be perspective distortion. You would tend to get more perspective distortion with ...


No, it doesn't have to be exactly 50mm. I use a Voigt 40mm/F2 pancake lens instead of the 50mm. The 40mm is just perfect. Shot vertically it looks like a very slight wide angle shot with no field relevant distortion and critically sharp...

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