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If your tests of "almost always" include shooting outside in good light, then if your camera is choosing ISO 3200 in Auto mode something very funny is going on. Either you've managed to set a strange option somewhere, or the camera itself is broken in some way - doing a factory reset would rule out the first option. That should be the first thing you test. ...


You are most probably using Auto ISO. Turn it off, set the ISO to a low level (200), that will handle the pictures being noisy and grainy. You are in aperture priority mode (A), so you will have long shutter, so to avoid your pictures getting blurry, use a tripod. Or use better lighting.


When you say "ISO 200-2000" I assume you are using auto-iso, is that correct? Try using P mode instead of A, and select a 200 or 400 ISO.


Light is made up of particles emitted randomly from a lightsource. If the camera doesn't collect enough light this randomness causes neighboring pixels to be either too light or too dark which is perceived as grain in the image. So to get less grain you need more light. This is achieved by either: opening the shutter for longer, if your subject is ...

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