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Three things are unavoidable in life: death, taxes and noise :) There is always noise. It is just more visible in low light. Higher ISO have even more noise because their signal is amplified. So shooting at lower ISO, like you did, is better but that does not mean no noise. To improve further what you need is more light. That gives more signal relative to ...


Michael is right. More precisely: The RAW image contains two images: the embedded JPEG preview, which has your camera's processing applied including noise reduction, and the RAW data. When you open your image with an image viewer, you usually see the JPEG preview. In darktable, by default, you will see the JPEG preview in lighttable mode before you start ...


Any time you view a "raw" image, you aren't really viewing the raw image. You are either viewing a preview image created by the camera and embedded in the raw file at the time the photo was captured or you are viewing a conversion of the raw image made for display on your monitor by the application at the time you open the image file. My intuition is that ...

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