High Falls, Pigeon River

by Jakub

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You need to send your camera to service center. Unfortunately you can't solve this problem by yourself. Its so called hot pixels. I have them too. Before repairing I used RAW converter for photos


According to your EXIF data (shown on the linked page) you had ISO 3200, which may have introduced noise. Your shutter speed was quite fast, only 1/2500 sec. I would suggest to lower the ISO and have a longer exposure time. Here is an online exposure calculator for astro photography for avoiding star trails. This photo SE answer explains the background of ...


When you use long exposure times, you will get some digital noise due to the way the camera works. I am certain that what you see isn't stars. Imagine a grid of photosensitive spots. Each spot gets light as long as you have the shutter open. Some spots register red, some green, som blue. When reading the light value of the spots, the values of the ...

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