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The short answer Yes, it is possible to match a photo to the discrete camera it was taken with (without metadata) and it is also pretty reliable. The technique is readily available in a few software products, one of those is Amped Authenticate, produced by Amped Software (disclaimer: I am the company CEO and Founder). The basic idea The basic idea is that ...


Have you ever turned up your home stereo so loud while listening to something quiet that you start to hear a hissing or buzzing noise in the background? Then you have discovered the "noise floor". No amplification circuit is immune to noise, they should just have very little of it that it is not noticed in normal situations. However, when you boost the ...


"Why don't analog output subtract black analog value before ADC, so the digital output of sensors won't include noise floor." Because the opamp that substracts the black level is noisy, the higher the ISO, the larger the amplification factor, and the more internal noise is being superimposed. The DC-cancellation circuit is a low-pass filter, but it lets ...

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