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As rafal suggested, using luminance and color noise reduction will help, but there are potentially two other things going on. 1) If you are exporting to JPG, you can expect to see some increase in pixelation, particularly if you set the output quality lower (more compression). Be sure that you set the quality to 100%. 2) I think there is an option upon ...


ISO 400 can contribute significant amount of noise (as answered by null). I am assuming you are a beginner and answering it in a very basic way. While shooting use low shutter speed (you may need tripod for this) and large aperture (least f-point available while shooting) to avoid high ISO value. While post processing in lightroom, try increasing ...


my camera don't go over 400, but still I find lots of those pixelated noises It looks like this statement assumes that 400 is a low ISO value in some absolute sense and thus there should be no noise. This is not true at all. Noise is mostly relative to the ISO range provided by the camera. The closer you are to the maximum value, the more noise you get. ...


There is dark current, as inkista wrote in a comment, and there's quantization noise at the digitizer, and there's gain noise in the analog amplifiers, and there's readout noise ( slightly less than 100% of collected charge is extracted). When people write "scene-limited" or "photon -limited" noise, what they mean is that the photon shot noise is much ...

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