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DxO 9 has a new PRIME algorithm that is marketed as being a very much improved noise reduction algorithm for high ISO images. Here is a link to start you off on the PRIME algorithm. PRIME by DxO I have used it myself and I am happy and quite impressed by the result. But it is very processor intensive and takes a long time to process each image.


Denoising is a vast subject, there are a lot of methods and a lot of research papers about it in the literature. A simple and efficient algorithm that you can take a look at is called Non Local Means. Basically it aims at averaging pixels that look similar as there are a lot of redundancy in an image. You can do it on the bayer (by taking into account the ...


Check out RawTherapee's LMMSE demosaicing algorithm- it's designed for noisy images, and offers options on noise reduction.


I got to know the reason. I used Tone Mapping with high strength. In this case the image is more noisy than the actual shown in the editor.


If your tests of "almost always" include shooting outside in good light, then if your camera is choosing ISO 3200 in Auto mode something very funny is going on. Either you've managed to set a strange option somewhere, or the camera itself is broken in some way - doing a factory reset would rule out the first option. That should be the first thing you test. ...

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