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Your correct image shows: ƒ/5.6, 1/500, ISO 800. Your underexposed image shows: ƒ/9.0, 1/4000, ISO 400. Your EXIF data shows a -5 EV Exposure Bias which seems to be correct, looking at your photos. This is most probably coming from the exposure compensation you applied (using the +- icon). All the other settings look okay. Exposure compensation might ...


According to DxOMark the D3200 and D3300 are very, very similar. The D3300 edges out the best performance, but it's such a tiny difference that it's safe to say lens choice and technique are the bigger differentiators.


Phil Harvey's ExifTool works on NRW files and will do the job for you. It's a command line tool, but it's very powerful and will save you a lot of manual work. If you can determine the difference in the time on the camera vs. the current time, ExifTool can adjust the time embedded in the file by that amount. For example, if the camera is 3 hours, 14 ...


The name is Ken. Not Simon. The quote from the article feels like "oh hey, he mentioned an 85 and I do have an 85, too, so this must be totally the same situation...", but it's not. If you are looking for non-studio places like [...] a graffiti wall in a street as backgrounds, will a more tele lens be helpful? I doubt it. Basically speaking, the ...


What you know is wrong. You cannot adapt lenses to Nikon F easily without modifying a lens mount. The Nikon F mount has one of the largest registration distances of all the old film SLR mounts. Unless you have €100 or so to spend on a Leitax kit, but most of the lenses those will fit are going to cost you decidedly more than €200 if they're in ...


There is only one major difference in the build of the D3200 and D3300. That is, the D3300 has no optical low pass filter. This should theoreticly result in better detail for fine patterns and the absence of the moire effect! A picture comparison can be found here. In the picture below, you can see that the theory suits practice pretty well. The pink ...


@Scott Reed I have the same lens in Nikon F100. In my camera I have always set aperture to f22 in order to be able to set the aperture from the camera. Try to lock the lens in f22. Which exactly 50mm lens, do you have? Nikkor 50mm 1.8G or nikkor 50mm 1.8D? I am guessing that you have 1.8D which came without auto-focus motor. Moreover, neither the lens nor ...


According to Nikon USA, it is just a power supply and does not charge the battery. Q: Will this also charge the camera batteries or is it just a power supply? A: It's just a power supply. See Q&A at the bottom of this page. http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Nikon-Products/Product-Archive/Power-Adapters/EH-5a-AC-Adapter.html


Follow these steps to take exposures over 30 seconds with the wireless remote (ML-L3) on the Nikon D7000: 1) Go to manual mode and select "bulb" for shutter speed. 2) Change the release mode to remote. 3) Go into the "Shooting Menu", select "Remote Control Mode" and note the setting. 4a) If in "Delayed remote" or "Quick-response remote" mode, begin the ...

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