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Napioa - Wind Origins
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D7000 Manual (p99) clearly states that having the lens on "M" while having the body on "AF" can cause damage to the camera. It does not say in what order the switches should be set so the safest procedure might be to turn the camera to the "off" position while setting the two switches.


There is a noticeable difference if you are shooting in a wide light range. An example would be a bright sunny day with high contrast. I have a sony a7r. The native iso is 100 but I can shoot the iso at 50. I started shooting most photos at 50 to have as little grain in my images as possible and have that crystal clear image. On most photos I didn't ...


Have you checked the mechanical linkage on the body that controls aperture to see if it is stuck? If it is not stuck try moving it by hand and see if the aperture reading changes. The mechanical aperture ring likage may be used to read the aperture ring position and if it is not in the pictured position camera may misread the aperture. This coupling is ...

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