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When doing AF Fine Tune (Nikon) or AF Micro Adjustment (Canon), the test distance should be as close to possible as the distance you plan to shoot in "real world applications". At the very least, you should probably use a distance that is 25x the focal length of the lens. 50x is even better when possible (very long lenses make this problematic in a ...


One qualifier first, camera Auto mode is fully auto, it does everything as it pleases, and may not be adjustable in any way (compensation maybe). Below is speaking of camera modes A,S,P,M. 1/60 second is the default 'minimum shutter speed with flash' used in camera A or P modes. We use flash in dim places, which meter slower, like perhaps 1/4 second ...


Check the Flash Shutter Speed setting in the settings section. You can set the minimum shutter speed that the camera uses when a flash is attached to a higher shutter speed. Also, when using a flash, you might as well just use manual mode on the camera. Just keep your shutter speed at or below the maximum sync speed (I think it's 1/250s for the Nikon ...

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