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No, an SB-600 cannot trigger another SB-600 in CLS. The SB-600 is slave-only and has no commander capability, like the SU-800, and no SU-4 "dumb" optical slave mode that doesn't require a commander unit. And I gather that the ring flash keeps you from using the D7000's pop-up as a CLS commander? If I replaced the SB-600 on camera with a Yongnuo YN568EX ...


A correctly-functioning D lens set at the smallest aperture should operate just like your G lenses with the aperture in sub-command-dial mode. A few things to look at after you put f6 back at its usual setting: First, make sure the aperture ring is set at 22 and the aperture ring lock is engaged. (It's a little switch just below the 28mm 1:2.8D marking on ...


Exactly, if you want to shoot in " AUTO " mode then shoot in " PROGRAM" (P) mode. This is the closest you can get to auto, and you can change parameters as well. Biggest perk, you will not have to worry about the on camera flash popping up. This works for third party flashes as well as flashes designed for your camera (Nikon, Canon, etc)


I had a similar problem with a SB-600, so I borrowed an SB-700 and found the problem continued with that flash. I set them up to both run on the same channel and found they would fire / not fire at the same times, so I knew it had something to do with the camera. When I turned my built in flash from TTL to "--" everything started working fine. I don't know ...


Have you checked the mechanical linkage on the body that controls aperture to see if it is bent? It is the tab on the left just inside the lens flange. even if the camera is not controlling the aperture, it may still attempt to use this linkage to estimate the position of the aperture set by the dial on the lens. Here's a closeup. the aperture control ...

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