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To make sky and landscape photography, you would better buy a wide-angle lens. See this link for a lens simulator that shows this visually. Try to find your working range with it, and then look for similar lenses. I think you should stick to a single focal length, as you will notice that as soon as you have a wide angle, you pretty much operate it on the ...


Sounds like a definite issue with the camera there. I would advise taking it along to your local friendly camera dealer and see what they say. They may be able to send it off to Nikon on your behalf to get it repaired properly.


I shoot sports and recently (today, actually, which is why I'm researching why there is a such a drastic difference between the two cameras for next time) got my daughter to assist me, and rather than giving her my spare D200 — which she is unfamiliar with — I let her use her own D5100, which I wrongly thought would be adequste (going by reviews). The ...


This is obviously not normal operation, and neither should you debug yourself. Get a Nikon technician and have him fix this.


While DXoMark's scores are never the only thing to go on, the general consensus of their results matches up with conventional wisdom, though not by as much as would normally be expected. Since the 55-300 covers a longer total range than the 70-200 it pays a slight price in overall image quality. When wide, the 300 mm seems to suffer particularly strongly ...


The 50mm/1.8 lens is a very sharp prime lens and one of the best lenses I have for D5100. I just love it and use it very often. You have lots of room for cropping your images due to its sharpness. For example, if you cut off 1/2 of the image, you'd have the 100mm equivalent and still 8 megapixels of resolution. Also, this lens works very good for portraits ...


I'd probably suggest neither. For the range of things you want to do, the 50mm isn't going to cover shots from far away, despite the fact it would be a great portrait lens. The 55-200 on the other hand covers a long range, but it is probably a bit too long to handle all of the situations well. If you have the kit lens, I'd probably start out with a lens ...

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