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You may need a different lens if the kit doesn't fit the subject matter you're most interested in shooting, but given that you're relying on Auto mode even after a year, perhaps it's more a matter of knowledge/practice [see WTD174], or possibly just that photography is not for you. There's no shame in this. The vast majority of people don't use cameras to ...


Type the name of your lens in a Google or Flickr searchbox to see what others can do with it. Then pick a picture you like and try to recreate it. Learn what you need to know about settings along the way. You can use this site for the specific problems you encounter.


If they are showing up at the same place on every image, then this is most likely a failure of either the sensor or the electronics that pull the data off of the sensor. Either way, that's something that needs to be evaluated and repaired by Nikon.


A NEF file would be good to see before anything, but most probably you need to send the camera for servicing. If in USA, you can try


This lens uses a screw driven AF, meaning the body drives the AF. The D5xxx series and D3xxx series of cameras need AF-S lenses in order to AF with them.


Nikon has a compatibility chart where you can look these things up. On this page you can download the chart in Excel format. It seems autofocus is not supported for this combination.


I've got the Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD (Amazon -> 223€) for my Nikon D5100. I'm satisfied with it, the stabilizator is awesome. A sample: Reasons I found to buy the Tamrom: Tamron VC is superior to Nikon VR. Nikon is weaker in range 250-300. There is a non written ...

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