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This is a personal choice based on how much you value the features. Go over the specifications, read the reviews, then decided. No one here can make that decision for you.


I guess newer product is better product. Nikon D5200 has lot many good feature than D5100. Some of them are ISO sensitivity, Higher FPS, More No of AF points(39 vs 9). So your extra bucks will definitely paid off.


It's achieved by shooting towards the lightsource, overexposing slightly then reducing the contrast, optionally playing with the colours to get a cross-processed look.


It's definitely a result of post processing, but the fact that the first image features model partly submerged in a milky substance helps of course. As already pointed out in the comments a common feature of the four photos is the fact that they lack absolute black. This is easy to achieve by raising the left part of tone curve. They are also desaturated ...


The problem is that with a reverse macro adapter, the lens loses all electrical connection with the camera and thus its aperture will stay in the default setting, which is usually the smallest possible aperture that gives you very little light. If the lens does not have manual aperture control, I heard that you can get an "aperture control attachment", not ...


As you seem to already have figured out in the comments, Full auto forces a number of settings on you. Many cameras allow you to create your own programs, so if the D5100 has that feature, you could create a Full auto program but with continous shooting.

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