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The "F--" indicates that the lens isn't set to its maximum aperture, or that the camera can't control the aperture directly, which is necessary for most automatic exposure. To make this work, you'll need to do use manual mode (M), and you'll need to change the aperture using the aperture ring on the camera. Metering won't work, the solution there is to use ...


You are correct on both accounts, the 50mm will effectively have a 75mm Field of View (FoV) and the 35mm will effectively have a 52mm FoV. The DX just means that the lens should only be used on a DX body, not that its 'a 35mm FoV on a DX body'.


You're mostly right. The 35mm will have an EFL of 52mm, just as your 50mm will have an EFL of 75mm. Everything gets multiplied by the 1.5x crop factor. When "DX" is applied to the lens, it means that it's designed so that it only puts light onto an area the size of a DX sensor. That means that, if you put it on an FX (full-frame) sensor-bearing body, only ...


If it can be fixed, the only people who can do it will be Nikon or an authorised repair shop. Though given that the D50 is getting on a bit, it will probably cost more than the camera is worth.


There is a Nikon SLR Camera and Lens Compatibility chart at that probably can answer your question. It depends a bit on what lens it is.


"Grain" (really, noise) in your photo is principally determined by the ISO level. More stictly speaking, by the electronic amplification applied to the electrical signal captured from the photosites in your camera's sensor by the shot noise inherent given a specific photosite (sensor element) physical size and actual light level by the temperature of the ...


I got the 35mm for my D5000 just a few weeks ago. Best advice I received when I was trying to decide what I wanted was to restrict myself to each on the kit lens. Assuming you have the 18-55mm kit, restrict yourself for some period of time (say a week or two) to 35mm then switch to 50mm. For me 50mm seemed a little bit tight for most of the shooting I do ...


What kind of flash unit? The pop up flash on camera is pure evil. Just gaff tape it down and never use it. At ISO 200 there is no way you should be getting noise. Check your metadata and see if something is consistently the same on the bad pics. Also try shooting at ISO 200 outside in natural light as a test.

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