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I had this problem in Low light with the AF Assist Light still coming on. What I found was that using the Live View is completely different to focusing while keeping Live view off. I just stopped using Live view and the problem was immediately solved. Of course the AF Assiste light was working in my case for both scenarios.


The high pitched squeak you are hearing, is most likely coming from the AF motors in the Lens. Nikon budget and kit lenses have been known for this issue for many years. From what I know, very rarely do these squeaks actually affect the AF performance and in the over whelming majority of cases, people have lived with these squeaks for years and just become ...


This screen also known as a "ground glass screen" (though it's not always made of glass) has a very fine etched pattern on one side of it to facilitate the way it scatters light. Cleaning the side of it with this surface is not practical as it's likely to both deposit small particles into this etched surface and possibly damage the etched surface (think ...

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