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In this scenario I would use a light beam activated remote shutter control. This is a device consisting of a beamed light source (typically a laser or a LED and a photo sensor). As soon as the beam is broken by an incoming object, the shutter is triggered. Warning! Since you have to place the trigger in the path of the train it might be tempting to step ...


When the light gets dim enough there comes a time when you have to give up shooting sequences of fast moving objects coming towards you and instead pre-focus on a spot and wait for the subject to hit the mark. Cross ties work pretty good for locking focus on a point the train is about to be. You also gain the advantage of getting the one shot when the train ...


If the camera is having trouble focusing, you can use try using manual focus and waiting for the train to come to the correct depth and take the photo at that moment (or take a series of photos near the time). Additionally, if you have enough light, as Michael Clark noted, you can stop down the aperture (bigger number) in order to increase the depth of ...

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