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There are two ways to simulate a Graduated ND filter by software and they both have different disadvantages and advantages, compared to an physical filter: H/W Filter Pro: A H/W filer gives you results immediately which you can see while you compose. Con: On the other hand, the effect is fixed in gradation and shape. Software Effect Pro: Adjustable in ...


Using a hardware ND filter, you reduce the incoming light. Software does not do that. Say you want to shoot in a bright sunny day, and want to use a slow shutter speed of 1 second to make the water "silk-like" . This is almost impossible without reducing the amount of light entering the camera using a ND filter. This is because at f/16 ISO100 the shutter ...


I have the Nik Software Complete Collection for Lightroom, and I've found that I use Color Efex Pro a lot more than Silver Efex Pro. Silver Efex Pro provides some nice templates for B/W conversions, but I've found that the B/W conversion in Lightroom coupled with the channel mixer to provide me with enough control over the B/W conversion process. As such, ...


SilverEFX has a lot of fine grained control over B&W conversions for images. ColorEFX is like a super-general toolbox, good for all sorts of things. It does have B&W conversion modules as well, though they are more limited in adjustment than SilverEFX. It also has stuff like skin smoothers (that works really well), custom color changes (like ...


No, you cannot. The Nik Lightroom plugins will require you export your files to TIFF. Really anything you leave Lightroom to do in Photoshop will require moving out of RAW and into a TIFF. You will then end up with two files: a raw file with all the non-destructive edits done before you used the Nik plugin, and a TIFF containing the the cumulative edits ...


I do not own a copy of Colour Efex but I do own a copy of Silver Efex Pro 2 (together with Elements 9) and from the two pics below I am happy to say that i have no regrets buying it. http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5148/5678836122_336ab7e5e4_z.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5308/5672665131_52b05fc0d0_z.jpg to be honest, these two programs are very ...


I really like NIK plugins but because they are a bit cumbersome to use I only use them to process my "keepers" which isn't a lot of images. Usually around 5 - 10 after a successful shoot. Both NIK Raw Pre-Sharpener and Dfine (noise reduction) are in my opinion superior Lightroom 4 noise reduction and sharpening BUT like other NIK plugins not as convenient ...


As far as I can tell you have to use Photoshop to batch process using Dfine 2, not Lightroom. More information can be found in this support documentation from Nik - http://support.google.com/nikcollection/answer/3000776?hl=en Of course, if you already have Lightroom and are applying the same noise corrections across a collection of photos - Lightroom can ...


Bit silly to answer my own question but I found an excellent answer, explanation and solution at http://viziblr.com/news/2011/8/13/fix-my-pen-makes-your-wacom-tablet-just-work-on-windows-7.html It all seems to be a problem of windows thinking that you want to start writing with an electronic pen. There are some registry settings that can be set to solve the ...


If you go to their site, click on a product, such as Color Efex Pro, then you'll see "Filter Samples" with an image sample and description for each filter. There are also webinars and online tutorials Nik also has 30-day demo/trial versions of their plugins, so you can download and look through them all.


As I am sure you have come to realise, Nik Silver Efex Pro does not support control points for tonal changes. This leaves you a couple of choices: Upgrade If you have Photoshop, then upgrade to Photoshop version so that you can use layers. Your workflow would then be: Export to Photoshop Run Silver Efex for first layer to tone for specific parts of ...


This is not a straightforward workflow for split-toning, but if you want to get some very delicate split toning in Silver Efex, try under "Finishing Details" changing the Paper Tone and Silver Tone. As @Francesco said, there is a perfectly good split toning adjustment in Lightroom proper.


There is one more way: http://icelandaurora.com/blog/2010/07/20/tonys-magic-cloth-technique/ Quoting from the article: The basic technique is to fire the shutter while covering the front of the lens with the cloth and slowly raise the cloth to reveal more of the scene. The more slowly you raise the cloth, the higher the strength of the Grad.

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