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ISO 800 f2.8 (the camera is fixed f2.8) exp. 30 seconds straight out of the camera no post work yet /Users/Chris/Desktop/GOPR0871.JPG


This depends on if your problem is focus or camera shake. If it is actually focus, then you can simply configure the flash to fire in focus assist mode. In this case, it will flash before taking the photo so that the camera can focus, but the photo itself will be taken without the flash. If, however, your images are out of focus because the camera is ...


The technique you are looking for is called "Slow Sync Flash". On your Canon camera, you enable it by turning you mode dial to "Av" (Aperture priority). In this mode, the flash will fire to expose the foreground, but the shutter will still remain open for a long exposure of the background, just like when you shoot without flash. Beware, that in this mode, ...


In general, here are a few things that help in your situation. I'm not sure which features are available for the Samsung S1050, but if you search your User Manual for the italicized terms below, you should be able to determine which features your camera offers. Use a tripod to eliminate camera shake and allow slower shutter speeds. Focus manually if the ...


After an actual test using my Hero 4 Black, I retract my comment above. Not only is this possible, it doesn't look half bad! I ran for two hours just out in the parking lot here in town - it's not even very dark here, and I was able to see stars moving in the resulting time-lapse! If you went someplace nice and dark, I think it might actually look pretty ...

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