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Using that gear, you'll probably be able to capture something. But in-focus and not blurred due to camera shake and subject movement? No, I don't think so. Fireflies are just too weak as light sources. If you did manage to catch them the result would just be a bunch of pale green dots, not very impressive without context. Just lean back and enjoy the ...


Generally, the rule of 600 is calculated with the crop factor. On micro four-thirds, that would mean 600/50*2 = 600/100 = 6s as your longest exposure time (or 5s if you use a rule of 500) before star trails are liable to show. Any telephoto lens can be problematic for shooting longer exposures of the night sky. And yes, the longer lens will give you a much ...


I'm having similar problems with my E-PM2. I think that you can't escape some trial and error. I was trying to take a photo of someone sleeping in the dark. I found a spot in the room which was enough illuminated to allow me to focus on. I attempted to place myself at the same distance from this illuminated object as I would be from my subject, and focused ...

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