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When it comes to filters you can get cheap filters. You can get good filters. But you can't get cheap good filters. There are filters available for 67mm threads that claim to be 6 stop (ND64) filters available for $30 or less. They tend to be of poor optical quality, don't really have the density they claim (most of the cheapest ones are more like 4 stops, ...


Well if you buy one from a retail store, you can try it on, take a few sample shots with and without it and see its quality yourself ( it is easier and better to try it before buying and you can see if it suits your tastes )


Since the speed of the sun going below horizon depends on date, I suppose you could create a table measuring exposures starting before sunset and then for example every other minute up to 30 minutes. In the table include column with angle of the sun (2, 1, 0, -1, -2...). When you would be taking the actual shot, you could lookup actual angles of the sun at ...

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