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There are negative viewers available at some photo labs that invert the image. They are essentially a video camera with a display that shows the inverted colors of the camera. This is helpful for viewing negatives and deciding which ones to print/enlarge.


Early in the history of photography color imaging was demonstrated. Three pictures were taken on black and white film. One with a red filter mounted, one with green, and one with blue. The three pictures were superimposed, projected on a screen. The projectors were fitted with the same color filters. The year was 1855 and the photographer was James Maxwell. ...


If you're talking about the traditional slide viewers, they don't. The slide is a positive colour slide, all a slide viewer can do is shine light through a slide. If you put a negative slide, or a standard 35mm negative into the slide viewer, then the negative image will be projected.


So I got myself a Reflecta RPS 10M and made a comparison with my now old Epson V350. I scanned a color negativ, a cross processed and a black & white image, uploaded them as jpg. For converting the color negativ to a positive I used the PS plug-in "ColorPerfect" with the settings it suggested but without film-presets. Converting the cross processd and ...


The V350 was replaced by the V300 photo scanner. I use a V700 which can scan optically to 6400 dpi and has a dynamic range (Dmax) of 4.0. Your scanner has a dynamic range of 3.2 and an optical resolution of 4800 dpi. Some photos may need a Dmax of 3.4 and occasionally some transparencies will approach a Dmax of 4.0. It is likely that C41 negative film will ...

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