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I've seen people post photos of various plants and animals in biology.stackexchange.com asking for help identifying them. There must be a zillion field guides to North American birds, waterfowl, mammals, herptiles, shells and probably centipedes.


Generally plant and animal identification (among other things, like minerals) use a dichotomous key. The key consists of a series of either or questions based on the physical properties of an item, and depending on your response you proceed to further questions until you end up with a positive identification. It's basically taxonomy's version of a choose ...


Use Flickr The fun of social media is crowdsourcing expertise, much as with Stack Exchange. There are a lot of species identification groups on Flickr, where people post images with helpful ID information, and others will make educated guesses or positive identifications in the comments. This should at least get you the common name of something. As a bird ...

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