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There are several ways to achieve this. You can manually take lots of pictures, and make sure all rows get one picture head on and then combine them in post. Some cameras (not consumer or even prosumer) are pretty much made for this kind of work. This is 1D cameras, that record a single row of picture for each exposure. By moving the camera and taking ...


With Hugin you can do a lot of this things but is quite complex and sometimes frustrating. So usually I prefer others software. The simplest is ICE: you can correct lens distortion with Gimp LensFun before use ICE for better results. In this case you should take many photos with overlapping areas, and mantain the same parameters (iso,exposure,aperture...) ...


You must stitch your images together using a rectilinear projection. Most, but not all, panorama programs let you choose this. For normal projection you describe is called cylindrical which is the default for most programs. You can read and see examples about projections here and here. This nice thing is that this lets you work with images taken from a ...


I think the evolution of zoom lens design has reached the point that multi-focal lenses are no longer needed. With the ongoing evolution of processing capacity, modern supercomputers have enabled design and production of lenses that the worlds best lens designers could only have dreamed about in the past. Development of a lens used to be a slow, laborious ...

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