Alley in Pisa, Italy

by Lars Kotthoff

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Photos kind of similar to this can be achieved using a tracking shot where the photograph is taken from a car in front of the car being photographed, however in this particular case the answer is CG and/or heavy Photoshop. Particularly for the second image, there is no way to viably get that shot sharp without having the background also sharp. On the ...


Both of these appear to be Computer Generated (CG) graphics, which are often used for video games and movies. In the movie industry they call it Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) and it is now the norm, rather than the exception, for generating special effects. The sharply defined edge of the shadow in the second image gives it away. It would be ...


They are called tracking shots, the only way to do them is to shoot from the back of a moving vehicle that drives in front of the vehicle you are photographing. That way the subject will be sharp as it is travelling the same speed as the tracking vehicle. I can't speak of the veracity of those particular images (there has been a lot of editing regardless), ...

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