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Some basic terms for cinematic/video camera movement are: Tilt Pan Zoom Rack focus Pedestal Dolly Truck Most are related to axes, but not strictly so (and in the case of zoom and rack focus, not at all really). So it's not like yaw/pitch/roll directly relate to camera movements. Tilt is rotating the camera in pitch from a fixed point. Pan is rotating ...


Panning is rotation around a vertical axis which causes the field-of-view to move horizontally. This is where the traditional term of panorama comes from. Titling is rotation around a horizontal axis going through the camera perpendicular to the lens which moves the field of view up and down. There is a coined word vertorama which essentially means a ...


You're asking about the fake parallax effect. In the link you posted, it appears that the background is static, but the foreground model is slightly shifting. For generated graphics, this is trivial: the foreground model is a separate image/overlay that is slowly shifted relative to a background. For existing static images or photographs, the same concept ...


Doing as you mentioned by keeping same distance and moving backwards usually produces the best results. Note using manual focus is usually the most accurate option. Using the continuous auto modes works quite well on the pro line sports camera and not too bad on the better consumer models. You should really read the Nikon documentation for ...

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