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I'd go with slow sync flash (i.e., flash and a slow shutter speed). 2nd-curtain so that you get follow-streaks, not leading streaks, and possibly stroboscopic mode (where the flash gives off regular period bursts at a given frequency, in Hz) to get individual moments through the movement. Rehearse, figure out what ambient you want vs. the flash. You may ...


I would not consider the example you are posting as a long exposure. It looks frozen, so in my opinion is 1/100 s or faster shuter speed. Yes, it is verey grainy, so they are using a high iso, and yes verey large aperture. Again you need to test what kind of style you want. You must decide between the style and the capabilities of your camera. This "long ...


You can use a flash along with a long exposure to show both a clear image at some point in the action and blur during the smash. Take advantage of settings for flash timing at shutter open or close, and try it with stronger and weaker flash settings (or use a handkerchief over the flash). It's hard to recommend an exact shutter speed, though my guess is ...

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