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Napioa - Wind Origins
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If, by chance, you want this to be done during the day, the trick is to find the appropriate shutter speed for the situation. One that will allow the subjects to blur but remain visible while he is as sharp as needed. I've done this a good number of times at bicycle races. This was shot at 1/80th f 11 is0 200 focal length 32 mm on FF Nikon D700 24-70 ...


Your brother will be moving during the exposure no matter how hard he tries not to. You need to use flash to illuminate him separately - doesn't have to be rear curtain sync, front will work just as well, just not an automatic exposure that'll force it to 1/60s. That will create two exposures in the same frame - flash power, aperture and ISO for your ...


Your premise is wrong, because actually both your subjects are blurry: the cars and your brother. The difference is for which it is desireable. To make only your brother in the foreground appear sharp, use a flash. Use second curtain sync to override the blurry long exposure of your brother with the light of the flash at the end of the exposure. To limit ...


If the camera is on a tripod, and we assume little or no camera movement, then there are two possibilities. Most likely, at 3", your brother is not going to stay perfectly still and there will be some subject movement. You could fix that in part by using flash during the exposure to freeze the foreground subject. And also, it's presumably fairly dark, ...


The issue that you are having is that your brother may appear to be still for the 3 seconds of your shutter speed but even breathing can impact the photo from being sharp. He is still moving even though it doesn't look like it. A solution I found with doing a photo like this is to have a flash set to second curtain and hit him with the flash; it should put ...

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