Road Train !!!!!!!!!!

by Russell McMahon

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This was done using a long exposure (possibly 1/4 second) with a flash at the start of the shot, this illuminates and freezes the cookies and then you see them drop too. Most DSLR's offer this as "rear flash" (flash at the end) or "front flash" (flash first) This does appear to have been done with an off-camera flash/strobe, so could either be the result ...


Just a guess, but this is probably done with a strobe and a slow shutter speed. The strobe illuminates for a very short time, so everything appears stop-motion for the duration of the strobe. The rest of the time the shutter is open, much less light comes from the scene, but will have motion blur. The tricky in this is to balance the continuous lighting ...


My best guess is that it may have to do with how the satellite operates. It may capture red green and blue images separately and then combine them. If this is the case, then two things would happen. First, the plane would move between shots for each color. Second, the satellite would move quite a bit as well. While the motion of the satellite could be ...


The technique, sometimes referred to as dragging the shutter, is used to combine a short burst of strobe light with a moderately long shutter speed. The strong light of the strobe "freezes" the movement of items that also appear as blur trails due to the long shutter speed and the weaker ambient light. Front or first-curtain sync fires the flash as soon as ...


SHOOTING BOXING MATCHES- You can get acceptable images with a shutter speed of 1/320 although faster is better. Tomorrow I am shooting my third boxing match from the edge of the ring with a Nikon D7000 crop sensor. The boxing ring is somewhat dark being lit by a single overhead florescent strip. The challenge is getting enough light. On the first boxing ...

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