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A polarizing filter will probably cut out 2 stops of light, which would allow you to shoot at 1/200 instead of 1/800. Depending on your lens, you might be able to shoot at f/11 or f/16 and further reduce the shutter speed. You should get good prop blur at 1/125 or so. The problem with a CPL is that as you pan across the sky, or rotate the camera from ...


I used to live in a large city suburb and over time found some very interesting subjects to practice panning. I appreciate that these subjects are not high speed planes, but with the challenges of a suburban area, may provide some benefit and improvement for your next visit to an airshow or motoring event. Skateboarders, Roller skaters and Roller bladers ...


Panning isn't so much about how fast, in terms of feet-per-second or miles-per-hour, your subject is moving. It is more about how many angular degrees per second your subject moves relative to the axis of rotation of your camera. A car moving at 20-30 mph will move the same angular distance per second as a plane moving at 200-300 mph if it is 1/10 as far ...

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