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Shadowy Daisy
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I do not think your tripod or table is moving, the solid items in the photo are stable and sharp. What your seeing is most likely related to the light from the LED's reflecting or refracting off glass or reflective surfaces during the long exposure. or even off dust or smoke. Try the same shot with the LED's off to prove or disprove this.


If the room is dark enough then it could well be that either the camera or certain elements of the scene are moving. If the flash is the only illumination bright enough to expose everything, other than the LEDs and the reflections/glow given off by the LEDs, then even if they were moving the very short duration of the flash will freeze them in place. Those ...


Are you using the mirror lock-up feature for this shot? If not, it's possible the motion of the mirror in your camera is causing an initial vibration, resulting in the blurring of the LEDs vacuum tubes. Try the same shot again, but using the mirror lock-up function of your camera. Edit: New theory. I don't believe there are any LEDs in the image. There are ...

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