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The key here is how much light will be hitting sensor during flash, and how much during the rest of exposure. The sensor does gather light during the whole exposure; all of it is blended into one static image. In case the ambient light is much lower, it won't have nearly as much effect on the total light that reaches the sensor, and therefore only surfaces ...


If you take a photo at 1/10 second without flash and the image is black, you have effectively "killed the ambient" with your shutter speed, the shutter duration is too fast (with your other settings) to allow enough light to hit your sensor to make an image. When you add flash, the flash duration is very, VERY fast, 1/1000 of a second or faster (depending ...


You're right, there are situations when flash won't freeze the action. It all depends on the relative levels of the ambient and flash illumination. If the majority of the light is coming from the ambient lighting, you'll still see motion blur with a slow shutter speed, because most of the light in the scene will NOT be coming from the flash. However, if ...

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