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I'm asumming you are a photographer, and you interact with people. Saying "That one", "good", "extend your leg", "nice", "gorgeous", is part of interacting with people. I don't think any model, not one on the planet, would learn 1000 diferent names, with 1000 variation levels on each to pose, and to practice that pose to be just the perfect canonical ...


I think the poses in general (at least most) don't have a specific name, but you can learn a lot about poses from studying Fashion magazines and specially the work by a model called Coco Rocha, she's a genius in posing and coming up with as many different poses as possible. She published a book with 1000 poses (none of them have names) called "Study of ...


Albeit I'm not in any way a professional photographer I doubt this named list does exist. So my answer is rather to give you an option to grunting "dat one", and that is to build up a list of poses which you feel like using, and put them on a demonstration sheet where you can name or number them to your liking. This allows for you later on to refer to them ...

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