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Time to be with loved ones

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First question: Use Photoshop. You can retouch ('beautify') them by using various tools - there are plenty of tutorials on the net for this. But be sure to not show the unprocessed photos. Also you can use artistic filters to give a vintage, art mood. ...Or, see here. Use Light & shadow. Use an artistic/mood light. Play with shadows. A ...


Both really come down to the same problem, your lack of experience. Yes, both of the situations you described are harder to work with, but there are natural poses and angles that will accentuate the good aspects while minimizing the bad for just about anyone that doesn't have a horribly deformed face. Focus on any areas of symmetry and trying to get the ...


Apart from what has been previously mentioned, preferably there has to be some form of magic going on. No matter how skilled, if we don´t like the person in question it gets very difficult to work together. Make sure you speak the same language when it comes to the artform, yet at the same time don´t be afraid to venture into a new realm.


Where I might find MUA's (is ModelMayhem any good for example?) I never used Model Mayhem much, so can't comment on that, but a couple of other good resources are: Net Model Purestorm Both of which are good resources (from the point of view of a UK photographer). Good questions to ask a potential MUA What experience do you have? Can I see ...

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