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Is working as a model a good way to learn photography? It can be, sure. Rather, if the question were more specifically, "is working as a model a good way to learn portrait photography?", sure, why not? Depending on some conditions, that is... Is the photographer good? Is he experienced, does he know how to communicate with and direct models? Does he ...


Taking pictures of experienced models with the guidance of a knowledgeable photographer is a much better way. You will learn some things as a model, but you are going to learn much better as the actual photographer. I can't say I have ever heard this as advice to become a better photographer (not that I am an expert). She would be much better off seeing if ...


I don't think modeling is a good way to learn photography at all. It's a decent way to learn how to plan and perform a shoot but it has very very little with photography. She won't be controlling the aperture, the shutter speed, the lighting, she won't be picking the angles and dictating the composition. She'll be sitting there while he does all of that. ...

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