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I've never adapted an M lens, but I have adapted some R lenses for my Canon dSLRs, and I've also adapted some Olympus OM lenses on my micro four-thirds cameras. And I'd say it all depends on which mirrorless camera you end up getting and what type of manual focusing assist features it offers. Right now, the latest generation of Fuji X cameras (except the ...


DSLRs don't have electronic shutters. I can't think of any stop-motion artists that were paralyzed by concern over shutter actuations. A camera sitting on a tripod in a studio seems an ideal candidate for longetivity. While you could go mirrorless, I think it would be much more important to have completely manual settings (especially focus). You would have ...


For me, when you go on a safari is really not the time to a) learn a brand new type of camera, b) learn all about wildlife photography technique and field craft, and c) gain supertelephoto photography skillz. That's a lot of knowledge to gain that most of us get only from years of experience. Wildlife photography, like sports photography, is one of the ...


Yes. From the specification for the Gorillapod: Connection Point: ¼"-20 standard tripod mount And see Is there a standard tripod mount? — this is the standard thread, which is near-universal. It's not listed in Olympus's E-M10 specs, possibly because it's so assumed. You can see from, for example, this review that the camera does have a tripod ...


Yes it will work. ALL cameras have a standard tripod mounting thread. (unless they don't have one at all)

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