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As Mattdm says in the comments, any DSLR will work. If you want to take hight quality pictures of buildings with city lights, you'll end up having to invest quite a lot in post processing skills to get nice high dynamic range (HDR) pictures where the city lights are not overexposed and yet the dark areas are not underexposed. You may not care about that ...


I think you fell lost in the transition to digital. I'm telling this becouse you are asking about a camera for portrait, fashion, and as you photographed that before you should remember that the main feature there is the lens and ilumination. You used before black and white, negatives or slides. That dosen't matter anymore. The lens and ilumination does. ...


I shot SLR for 30+ years and then DSLR more recently. All Oly and Nikon. I learned a long time ago that the equipment isn't very important. The most important part of any camera is the 12" behind it (I think Ansel Adams said that). I unloaded umpteen pounds of good gear nine days ago and now have the first 200 or so snaps on a Sony a6000. I'll never look ...


A CSC, or (more commonly) mirrorless camera is actually quite a bit NOT "like a point and shoot, only larger." You really want to do a bit more research, as these cameras are significantly more expensive to own than a fixed-lens compact because of the interchangeable lens mount, which means that the "camera" (body) is really only half the camera. The other ...

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