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Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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Perhaps it's that I wear specs and can only see the end of my nose, but isn't one of the most obvious advantages of an optical view finder that you can actually see the image in daylight? I'm a D80 user, and I've stood behind others with their smart phones and point & press cameras and looked at their screens. It's just a black shiny square. You ...


Also there is problem, that the LCD on the back of camera does not have the resolution of main chip. So it shows you inaccurate image in much lower resolution, than would be then taken. Also the range of LCD values (from totally dark to totally light) is lower than the chip have - so another source of inaccuracy - naked eye is much better then cameras/LCDs ...


Another disadvantage of using the sensor to generate a near real time preview in lieu of an optical viewfinder is the requirement to keep the sensor energize continuously. In addition to the increase battery usage required, over extended periods of time this tends to build up heat which, as we all should already know, can affect the signal-to-noise ratio of ...


Don't forget a major drawback that EVF's require power to compose, and are much harder on batteries if you spend a lot of time with the screen on. Also, as previously mentioned, because of delays, it is harder to follow moving objects with an EVF.


And with a digital camera, you don't need a hinged mirror as you can show the user exactly what light will be captured by just routing the sensor output to an LCD display. This is the reason for the rise in popularity of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC). Without the mirror box, the camera can be smaller, lighter, less expensive, etc. ...


Is there any significant benefit to having an SLR mechanism in a digital camera? Particularly in terms of a benefit that's large enough to make up for the liability of adding a mechanical part into a design where a solid-state alternative is available? Yes. Response speed for both autofocus and shutter release. The mirrorbox has a number of side ...


My understanding is that like most lens testers/reviewers other than LensRentals/Roger Cicala, DXO tests only one copy of a lens at a time. How long they keep them or whether they return or sell them I don't know. But my suspicion is that they owned different copies at the time they tested the E-PL5 and E-PL7, and the latter was a bad copy.


Ebay in Germany has this - Also in he USA BHPhoto - Also maybe a diy might work for you if are good with your hands . Or even a Chinese universal ...

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