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This is my quick edit of your jpeg. Lightroom 4. I stretched out the histogram by increasing exposure and darkening the blacks. I pulled down the highlights, increased the shadows, increased the contrast, and increased the clarity. Ten seconds max. It's pretty much exactly what I do on every image when I'm in a hurry and don't want to slave over it. The ...


I agree that is quite dull and grainy. The first concern I have is that you shot this at f/4.0 and 16mm. This is the widest focal length that this lens can go and very near the widest aperture as well. How do shots at f/8, 35mm, and ISO 100(with tripod) look? I bring up these things because it is possible that the lens is just at its limit and looks poor ...


There is no easy way. That's why it's called manual focus. what I did was buy a few manual lenses on ebay and first practice focusing on still subjects manually and find yourself a good smooth ring that doesn't creep. Ebay has a large selection. Next, you must learn the marked scales and what they mean for your lens. The focus ring is usually marked with two ...


Don't use electronic first curtain shutter at high speed, it's cutting bokeh try with and whitout and you'll see the difference on round lights.

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