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Does sensor size dictate lens size with all other things equal? The problem with your question is, when comparing full frame DSLR to micro four thirds, all else is not equal. In this case the difference is not just the sensor size, but the lack of flip-up mirror, which really does have a significant effect on lens design and how big lenses can be. In ...


I thought it might be interesting to list some of the ways that things could not be equal (i.e. what would, in general, make a lens larger -- even if it was for a camera with the same sensor size). Consider a fairly simple lens -- one for an old view camera. The lens itself may be physically small, even if it has a focal length somewhere between 150mm and ...


Autofocus can be determined using the main image sensor, by employing the contrast detection method. This means that the camera utilizes the fact that adjacent pixels tend to differ a lot in contrast when the image is focused in that area. This method only works, as you've noted, when the main image sensor is exposed though. The 6D has a mirror that only ...


A DSLR (just as a SLR) uses focus sensors instead of the image sensor to do focusing and focus tracking. Typically the focus sensors are placed below the mirror, and the mirror is semi-transparent to let some light through to the focus sensors, and small mirrors on the back of the mirror direct the light to the sensors. \ ...


I have been using a Sony NEX-5R for around an year, and I have played with a friend's Nikon D5300 for a few days. That makes me not the most qualified person to answer your question — that would be someone who has used both an SLR and a mirrorless camera for years. But almost everything I say below is verifiable, so you don't have to take my word for it. ...


2 seconds, f4.0 and ISO 6400... You must be in a really dark environment, there. I'm not sure if there's anything that'll be bright enough for that type of lighting environment when in live view, anyway. However, the Olympus have something called a Live Time feature. It only works in bulb mode but might be something you're after. Both the OM-D E-M5 & ...

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