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P-MP stands for Perceptual Mega Pixels. It is effectively the number of effective MegaPixels you can achieve with a particular lens. P-MP are calculated through a number of different factors such as the sharpness of the lens and the size of the Sensor used. E.g. Full-Frame, ASP-C, Micro 4/3 etc... Tony Northrup explains this quite well in his video: Should ...


First thing that comes up in my mind is that later sensors have higher resolutions so reveal more imperfections of a specific lens. If dxomark translates it's technical and absolute score to a more understandable MP indication you could end up with these kind of discrepancies. That said I have no clue how dxomark gets MP scores.


I did experiment with different manual lens (in total of 23 M42 lens of various makes and f numbers) and I can say a few things about manual lens, these are: Older lens doesn't have many modern coatings such as anti-flare which is very important in night photography. If you like flares, then no issues here. Older objectives may have lower have lower light ...

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