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The reason people recommend mirror lockup for exposures lasting several seconds is because they don't know any better. Mirror lockup is most effective when the shutter speed is in the range of about 1/100 second down to around one second. Any shorter and the second curtain is closed before the vibration from the mirror reaches the parts that count: the lens ...


Mirror lockup is advised in long exposure to avoid the vibration at the beginning of the exposure. This is what happens when you press the shutter: 1- Mirror goes up 2- Shutter opens 3- Sensor/Film is exposed 4- Shutter closes 5- Mirror goes down As you can see from the sequence 4 & 5 the mirror lockup won't have any effect after the shutter closes and ...


Shutter lag of the XTi Measurements by Luk at show this camera has an average* 116mS lag without mirror lockup, and a 66mS lag with mirror lockup. Fast pinewood derby cars travel about 10 feet per second (3 m/s), leading to a 7-14" (18-36cm) travel time before the image is captured. While the camera would never be used for judging, this is long ...

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