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Shutter lag of the XTi Measurements by Luk at show this camera has an average* 116mS lag without mirror lockup, and a 66mS lag with mirror lockup. Fast pinewood derby cars travel about 10 feet per second (3 m/s), leading to a 7-14" (18-36cm) travel time before the image is captured. While the camera would never be used for judging, this is long ...


The XTi has a bit of shutter lag of somewhere between 1/5 and 1/4 of a second, even when fully manual (including meter, white balance and focus). Pinewood derby races are about 4-5 seconds over the 50 foot tracks. To account for the shutter lag you may need to place the sensor about a foot or two (+/-) ahead of the finish line. Try to use a wider angle lens ...


I think that you are doing most if not all of the right things to ensure that you are capturing the image in camera as fast as possible. The obvious ones you have done; turn off AF and use manual mode. Beyond that I would look at your shutter release methods. It sounds like the sensor is may be placed at "the finish line", where as it might benefit your ...

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