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Yes, there are. Any digital camera with an A-mount will accept them directly. The Sony A68 is the latest such model and uses an APS-C sensor so it will crop the field of view by 1.5X, meaning all your lenses will become less wide but they will still work. To preserve the field-of-view, you can use a full-frame model such as the Sony SLT-A99V. There is ...


As lidocaineus says, the A3000 uses the E-mount lens system so an adaptor is needed for use with A mount lenses. However, as the A3000 has an APSC format sensor I believe the LA-EA2 (or discontinued LA-EA1) adapter will be suitable. Buying a low cost 3rd party adaptor is a very good starting point (see below). You can 'upgrade' to another adaptor in due ...


The Sony A3000 utilizes the Sony E-mount. Looks like the Minolta lens uses the older Minolta / Sony alpha mount. It's slightly confusing because the body is called a "Sony Alpha" but the mount isn't an alpha. You can get the Sony LA-EA3 adapter which will allow you to utilize all the functions of the alpha lens on the A3000 except autofocus. It looks like ...

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