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Very briefly, lenses are generally only compatible with one particular mount, so if you want a lens for a Minolta Maxxum 5D, then you need to buy an A-mount lens, which is the name of the mount used on that camera. Minolta developed the A-mount for their interchangeable-lens autofocus cameras, and Sony also uses the A-mount. (Be aware though that Sony also ...


Vivitar is a third-party lens maker that can make a lens in a variety of camera mounts, so there's no way anyone can answer your question without being able to see the specific lens you're talking about. I'd suggest looking through a visual guide to lens mounts to see if the Vivitar uses the mount for the Minolta AF or Sony A-mount systems (the mount the ...


It reminds me of one of my FD mount lenses where you pull\push to adjust focal length, rotate to adjust focus, and then there is the aperture ring for...well adjusting the aperture. I don't quite understand what you mean when you say 'swipe' through the aperture settings. It is a variable aperture so, when it is at 205mm it has an aperture of 4.8 as ...

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