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No, that would not be the correct adapter. The Maxxum 7000 was the first camera to use Minolta's new A-mount; quoting from Wikipedia: [The Maxxum 7000] introduced a new lens mount, the A system, breaking compatibility with its earlier manual-focus lenses in the MC and MD system. Unfortunately, it's not quite possible to make a glassless A to EF ...


There are a bunch of different factors, but yes, you can adapt both Minolta AF and Minolt MC/MD lenses to micro four-thirds--you can adapt practically every SLR mount to micro four-thirds with simple rings, and with an Olympus body you'll have stabilization as well. But. If they're Minolta AF lenses, you won't have an aperture ring on the lens by which to ...


Yes, it works, but you'll need to remember the crop factor. Micro 3/4 has a crop factor of two, so an old 50mm lens will feel like a 100mm lens. Look here for a good explanation:

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