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The difference is a higher reliability and compliance to different (industry) standards. Say for example you are building automated assembly lines for other companies that at some point require computer vision. If this assembly line fails and stops doing whatever it is supposed to do, the company that bought it from you will charge you by the minute (and ...


Why can't you just use the sensor you have in a smartphone or in a simple hand-held camera with a microscope and get better quality more cheaply? You're starting from a false premise — that the resolution tells you much about the image quality. The $6000 camera from your link has a 1/1.2"-format sensor, which has an area roughly 5× that in an iPhone. ...


I'm not sure what do you mean for a long exposure. Normally that is a single photo and the movement is captured as a blured trail. Probably you are refering to a time lapse capture. Probably filming the full 5 mins and reproduce it in 1 minute. Try using a screen capture software. The most popular i think is http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html you have ...

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