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I shoot both a Canon 50D and the micro four-thirds G3 and GX7. I use my 50D/EF 400mm f/5.6L USM combo for bird in flight shots. For me, the difference is chalk and cheese at the speed of reaction I have to have to get a BiF shot. The G3 with my 45-200 OIS are perfectly capable of taking perched/walking bird shots, though, as you suspected. G3+45-200 ...


It depends on the camera, but in general, even a basic PDAF should be light years ahead of CDAF for any kind of action shot. The problem with CDAF is that it is a guess and check approach. The camera can't tell that it is in focus unless it tries going too far to one side and then too far to the other. For a still object, this works ok, but when the ...


Does sensor size dictate lens size with all other things equal? The problem with your question is, when comparing full frame DSLR to micro four thirds, all else is not equal. In this case the difference is not just the sensor size, but the lack of flip-up mirror, which really does have a significant effect on lens design and how big lenses can be. In ...


I thought it might be interesting to list some of the ways that things could not be equal (i.e. what would, in general, make a lens larger -- even if it was for a camera with the same sensor size). Consider a fairly simple lens -- one for an old view camera. The lens itself may be physically small, even if it has a focal length somewhere between 150mm and ...

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